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Stellar Blade PS5 Gameplay – We’ve Played It!

Stellar Blade is coming to PS5 and we’ve played it. New Stellar Blade gameplay awaits you, as Rosie chats to Rob about the deep combat, intricate character progression, epic boss fights, fluid world traversal and rewarding exploration that all add up to make this action-RPG one of the most anticipated titles on PS5.

Our Stellar Blade PS5 gameplay shows off the incredible visuals and blistering combat, including some amazing encounters against Abaddon and Stalker bosses. You’ll see lots of gorgeous 4K PS5 gameplay taken from the Stellar Blade demo and hear all about the many mind-blowing features in the game in our Stellar Blade reaction video.

Are you excited for Stellar Blade on PS5? Let us know if you’ll be checking out the Stellar Blade demo when it releases on 29 March! The full game is set for release on 26 April.

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We use the AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra, Elgato 4K60 S+, and Atomos Ninja V and Ninja Inferno for gameplay capture.

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19 days ago

Awesome looking game

19 days ago

Does not look gripping. I guess it’s the god of war for the next generation

19 days ago

Just because it has perfect parry, doesn't make it a soulslike. Think it is more dmc, Bayonetta, Nier…even FF16 had that. And to me, that is a good thing.

19 days ago

Finally a game review that actually talks about the game!

19 days ago

I kinda hope your not just fighting monsters the whole game, all souls like games have at least one boss that’s has similar size and fighting weapon as you

19 days ago

The monsters look like the ones from the prototype series

19 days ago

Disgusting. objectifying fake women

19 days ago

Difficulty play this game using only one hand

19 days ago

Where can I download the demo? I don’t see it on the PlayStation store

19 days ago

The blue enemy flashes you dodge INTO same as mikiri counter in sekiro. So red parry, yellow perfect dodge, blue counter. It's quite satisfying when you get use to the flow of combat specially if you liked sekiro.

19 days ago

Very nice

19 days ago

Demo is pretty good

19 days ago

is there an easy mode, lol

19 days ago

Give your editor a raise for perfectly lining up Rosie's "FLEENG" with an actual perfect dodge in-game!

19 days ago

please bring this to PC

19 days ago

Game incrível

19 days ago

I don't understand why every female needs to be sexualized like this. This is gross 😝

19 days ago

Took some time away from Dragon's Dogma to try the demo. It is brutal and weird. Some seriously challenging enemies. And stupidly gorgeous overall. The opening sequence is stunning. But, for me, the winner is the chill soundtrack. And find the Chinese voice acting to be quite lovely.

19 days ago

For those who don’t like souls like gameplay. This does of difficulty options 🙂 just fyi

19 days ago

It feels so much soulslike and I love it

19 days ago

Buying deluxe

19 days ago

Sexy games that ehat we want