Stray: How to Get the Worker Jacket and Hat for Blazer

To progress through Chapter 10: Midtown in Stray, you’ll need to get into the Neco Corp. factory. But to do so requires finding the worker jacket and worker hat for Blazer, Clementine’s contact “on the inside.” However, the steps you must take to get both items aren’t spelled out, and figuring out what to do can be hard to suss out. 

The guide below tells you everything you need to do in an order that (hopefully) eliminates as must backtracking as possible. Unlike some other subquests in Stray, this one requires specific criteria to be met for some portions to become available. 

Where to Find the Worker Jacket and Hat

First, speak to Clementine in her apartment. She’ll tell you about using the old subway system to reach the Outside. She has the keys to the subway car but needs an Atomic Battery to power the tracks. A Companion robot named Blazer with a bomber jacket and gold chain can help you get it by infiltrating the Neco Corp. factory.

Clementine gives you a note to give to him, but before you find Blazer, there are two things you need to do first to cut down on backtracking. When you meet Blazer, he’ll need a worker’s jacket and construction hat to get inside the factory. You’ll need to do a few things to get those items. 

How to Get the Cassette Tape for the Jacket

Exit Clementine’s apartment and go left, then left again to take the stairwell down one floor. Go left at the bottom, then right. Jump onto the small wall with the yellow railing. You’ll see three video cameras in the area. Jump on all three to knock them down.

Now go to the bottom floor where the three robots are milling about. Interact with the one sitting down to “steal” the cassette tape. We’re not done with the tape yet, but we can get the hat next. 

How to Get the Construction Hat

Leave the apartment block, and go toward the square with the hologram. Take the first right out of the apartment block, and enter the bar (if you pass the area with the red lights, you’ve gone too far). Go to the back, climb up the shelves on the right side, and push the crate of beer bottles on the sleeping/drunk robot below.

Exit the bar, and go to the Hat Shop on the left side of the square. There will be a delivery Companion in a yellow Vest outside with a box on the ground. Hide inside the box, and wait for the drunk robot to appear and take you inside. When he leaves, jump out of the box (it’s OK if he’s still in the shop), and steal the worker hat in the window. Escape through the grate on the left side.

How to Get the Construction Jacket

Crawl under the vehicle, and enter the clothing store across the street. Go to the back, and use the cassette tape with the boombox. When the music starts playing, the shopkeep will investigate it. Steal the worker jacket from the window.

Leave the shop, go right, then right again down the alley. Blazer will be leaning against the wall, reading a newspaper. Give him the note from Clementine, and exhaust his dialog. Then give him the worker hat and jacket.

Now that you’ve given Blazer the worker jacket and construction hat jump in the box to enter the factory and get the Atomic Battery. After the factory, you can scratch the vinyl in the club for a trophy or achievement before moving on to Chapter 11. For more, check out our Stray guides hub, where we also have articles on how to find all of B12’s memories, where to find all of the music sheets, and how to get every badge.

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