Stray: Where to Find All Music Sheets and Locations

If you’re a completionist or just want to see everything there is to see in Stray, the cat game where you do cat things in a post-human world, you’ll surely want to find all of Morusque’s music sheets. There are eight of them hidden in various locations around The Slums, and they can be found in either Part 1 or Part 2 of the level. 

Once you give them all to Morusque, the guitar-playing Companion found near the Guardian, you’ll get the Meowlody trophy (PS4/PS5) and achievement (PC), as well as the Music Badge, which is needed for another trophy and achievement. 

To give music sheets to Morusque, speak to her and exhaust her dialog, open your inventory, and select a sheet. She’ll name the piece and comment on it before starting the tune. You must wait for her to finish playing before you can give her another piece of music. Some of these items are found alongside the Outsider notebooks you’ll need to give Momo

Every Music Sheet Location in Stray

Sheet Music 8/8

The first music sheet is actually the last. Facing the Guardian (the Companion with the staff you met at the beginning of the level), take the stairs to the left leading down. You’ll see Morusque on your left and a vending machine on your right. Go ahead and grab an energy drink, which you’ll need for another piece of sheet music. 

Continue past Morusque and the vending machine. Look for a safe in a pile of trash in the back left corner of the area. The mysterious safe code is 1283. 

Sheet Music 4/8

The second piece of sheet music can be purchased from the marketplace to the right of the Guardian. Interact with the item to the right of the vendor Azoz, and give him one energy drink for the collectible.

Sheet Music 5/8

The next music sheet can be found upstairs in Dufer Bar. From the Guardian, go down the stairs leading back toward the beginning of the level. You’ll see a red sign straight ahead and a Companion leaning against a vending machine. Go inside and up the stairs on the left. Turn right at the top, and go over to the booths along the wall. Inspect the center booth’s table. 

Sheet Music 3/8

Exit Dufer Bar, and go left. Follow the alleyway as it turns left, then right. You’ll see Grandma’s shop at the very end of the alley and a door with a yellow sign and boxes stacked out front on the right.

This is Elliot Programming. Scratch the door to go inside, and grab the sheet music of the Companion painting directly ahead. You can get this one during The Slums — Part 2 when you give Elliot the poncho to fix the tracker.

Sheet Music 6/8

From there, go back to Dufer Bar, and use the vending machine outside to climb up to the second story, then once again to the third. Look for an open window with an orange paper lantern and a blue wall with a white face. Go through the window, straight to the back, and through the holes in the broken French doors. Turn right on the other side to find this on a bookshelf by the bed. 

Sheet Music 2/8

Leave the apartment where you found 6/8. Stay on the left side by using the pipe and board, and jump up to the next balcony. This music sheet is on a round table by the white plastic chair.

Sheet Music 7/8

From 6/8’s balcony, look toward the building with the big orange sign (Momo’s apartment/your objective). Left of that, in the far back corner, you’ll see a traffic cone on a rooftop near a couch and TV. Behind that, you’ll see two red paper lanterns above a blue square on a balcony.

Go into the door marked with the red lanterns (Doc’s apartment), then right once inside. You’ll find a cubby in the books on the left with a piano and this piece of sheet music on it. 

Sheet Music 1/8

Climb through the window to enter Momo’s apartment, and go left to the entryway between the desk and the kitchen. There are two doors; one on the right and one on the left. Go through the bars at the bottom of the left door, and climb up to the shelf in the back for this collectible.

Those are all of the music sheets and their locations in Stray. Now you’ve heard Morusque’s greatest hits and have the Music Badge, which you’ll need for the appropriately-named Badge trophy and achievement. You also have the Meowlody trophy or achievement for your efforts. For more, here’s where to find all of B12’s memories and how to scratch the vinyl in the club.

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