Streamer gets blown backwards into a huge new Metal Gear Solid glitch

A streamer called Boba was having a merry old time playing Metal Gear Solid a few days ago, when along came one of the game’s guards and shot Solid Snake—whose model recoiled backwards, and glitched into a sequence skip that will rewrite the rules for this time-honoured classic. Well OK, maybe not all the rules, but the minutes it can save you certainly have the speedrunners thrilled.

Essentially there is a staircase sequence in Metal Gear Solid where Snake has to fight his way upwards while being pursued by guards. On one part of the staircase is a door that, at this point, is locked. In Boba’s playthrough, she stops in front of the left side of this door to confront the guards chasing Snake. She aims the SOCOM pistol, a guard shoots at Snake… a loading screen plays, and she’s through the door.

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