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Street Fighter 6 Character Guide | Akuma

Witness the abyss before you.

Watch Akuma’s Character Guide to fully immerse yourself in his blood-boiling path for strength before his arrival on May 22, complete with explanations on his gameplan and special moves.

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26 days ago

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Hello, subscribe to my channel, I'm starting now.

26 days ago

5:53 "you will be open to a counter attack if it is blocked" "if you are blocked, you can still act first" ???

26 days ago

Just feedback, I am very dyslexic so it be nice to have someone (recommend Jammerz if he wants to do it) to read over the texts to make things quicker for me and similar people to understand.

26 days ago

9:40 the only appropriate way to finish off JP at the end of world tour

26 days ago

akuma just gets more boring with each game

26 days ago

I really hope that the player character can learn the shun goku satsu

26 days ago

Couldn’t wait

26 days ago

lack of creativity at this level3

26 days ago

How do I get Akuma?

26 days ago

akuma should be the doll on the cover and not luke

26 days ago

Can yall bring kolin back plzz😫

26 days ago

7:49 this is a random time stamp. I just wanted to be part of the conversation

26 days ago

One character i miss is dudley

26 days ago

Capcom please add a "vs kumite" mode please!

26 days ago


26 days ago

Kazuya or jin as a guest character share this

26 days ago

Make him alternative boss in arcade mode if you never lose a fight. Like old times.

26 days ago

Shen Long should be season 2 last charecter.

26 days ago

The Raging Demon can’t get stopped by a weak jab

Llololol WTF!!!


26 days ago

Hes so polite… is he really that bad?

26 days ago

9:42 When ⬇️⬇️⬇️ + PP doesn't quite cut it so you hit ⬆️➡️⬇️⬇️⬇️ + PP instead

26 days ago

Add C.viper in the fucking Game!!

26 days ago

Can't wait to see what Tokido does with him

26 days ago

It's about time this character gets some attention from devs, Tekken made him better than they did in SF 5 so this was needed, great job

26 days ago

Oh boy, I can't wait for Akuma to positively S C H O O L us on the field of battle after telling us how he met Elena! 😀

26 days ago

Im ngl, i prefer when you not see his attacks when he performs the raging demon attack, its a lot cooler imo

26 days ago

i first guessed eddy backstory right now i see my idea of akumas super here what's going on?i'm not dejavuing

26 days ago

They really hate this character, and it shows. In 5 you had to get owned and keep 3 levels of super to Demon, and no ACTUAL Akuma gameplay is allowed in regards to air fireballs. Now in 6, they did all that, took it even further by restricting Demon to "Yeah yer basically dead so just mash it out & hail Mary while hoping for the best" AND they gimped it so not only can you no longer jump back air fireball, but you gotta put EX on it if you wanna even Nuetral jump air fireball PLUS they can't even keep his moveset named properly… Just admit you hate the character already Capcom dam. That's just crazy to me.

26 days ago

He gets 4 super arts?

26 days ago

We have to say, but what an ugly drive impact and made under pressure, for God's sake CAPCOM would have at least put the Akuma's stomp with legs open saying MESSATSU. HOLY SHIT CAPCOM, WHAT SHIT CREATIVITY. Temos que dizer, mas que drive impact feio demais e feito na correria, pelo amor de Deus CAPCOM, custava pelo menos colocar o pisão do Akuma com pernas abertas dizendo MESSATSU. CARAKA CAPCOM QUE CRIATIVIDADE DE MERDA.

26 days ago

so much effort put into this character when characters like manon, lili and jamie are still dogshit.

26 days ago

Needs more moves that are plus on block..

26 days ago

Capcom, give us Aris Bakhtanians commentator dlc! 💟

26 days ago

why did they make his rib cage look so retarded…

26 days ago

Wow perfect!

26 days ago

That 'Available Now' is something else 🙃

26 days ago