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Street Fighter 6 Gets Launch Trailer With Lil Wayne

This is where we make our masterpiece.

How a video game presents itself to the potential players of its community is important. After all, if a gamer doesn’t know what your title is about or how it plays, they won’t have the urge to play it. For a long-running series, they need to impress upon players that things have grown, evolved, and is worth another purchase. Then, those who have gotten on the “bad side” of their players need to prove they can make it up to them with the next iteration. Street Fighter 6 has had much to prove since its initial announcement, and the newly released launch trailer highlights how the game is about the community.

Easily the biggest surprise about the trailer is that it’s headlined and narrated by rapper Lil Wayne. He eloquently talks about how the game is where gamers can show off their passion, style, skills, and more as they play against one another. How this is where they can “break the rules” and “bend minds” with how they battle and surprise one another with the results.

If you look closely at the trailer, you’ll notice plenty of references to the game’s universe and the outside world. In one spot, you’ll notice WWE superstar Zelina Vega in her Juri Cosplay that she wore to a WWE event. Vega is one of the color commentators for the title, and this further proves that the game is embracing the community and all that have put their passion into it.

As Lil Wayne notes, this is the game where you can “make your masterpiece,” so watch the launch trailer below and see if you feel inspired:

Trailer aside, Street Fighter 6 does appear to be making the moves it needs to so that it can be leagues better than the previous title, and embrace everyone who wants to play it. There are numerous returning characters fighting alongside new arrivals. In addition, the game’s control schemes have been increased so that you can pick the style that works best for you regardless of whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer.

Then, there are the modes. Unlike in the last entry, the story mode will be included at launch. Plus, as hinted in the launch trailer, you’ll get to make your own Street Fighter and put them to the test in a big storyline.

Additionally, the online modes are expansive and will let you battle with friends, with online rivals, in tournaments, and more.

Are you ready to make your masterpiece? You’ll find out on June 2nd!

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