Street Fighter 6 is coming, with incredibly detailed toes

At the season final of the Capcom Pro Tour, and following a week-long teaser campaign, Capcom finally announced Street Fighter 6. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the greatest fighting game series in history (sorry Mortal Kombat fans) and six years since the release of Street Fighter 5, one of the more divisive entries after the almost universally beloved Street Fighter 4.

The teaser campaign ended with… a teaser trailer. It’s not quite up there with the Ryu versus Ken throwdown that announced Street Fighter 4, this time showing Ryu and Luke preparing to battle and glowering moodily at one another. The art style is notably more ‘realistic’ than previous entries, though Capcom’s idea of realistically proportioned humans is of course quite unusual, and it still retains some of the ‘ink blot’ aesthetic first introduced in SF4.

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