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Street Fighter 6 trailer shows off its 18 character launch roster

The hype for Street Fighter 6 is unreal, and many have been eagerly awaiting the game’s full launch roster. Usually, this sort of thing is slowly revealed over time until the game reaches its release. However, during a Tokyo Game Show 2022 livestream, Capcom showed off a bunch of Street Fighter 6 gameplay and revealed all 18 of its launch characters.

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 presentation was mostly focused on showing off some newly revealed characters. It also went through some of the new modes present in the game, including a character creator. Altogether, the next entry is looking like a massive game with plenty of content, but that can all fall apart if the roster isn’t able to satisfy fans. Luckily, Street Fighter 6‘s roster looks to feature a great mix of characters.


Familiar faces return in Street Fighter 6

Prior to today’s reveal, we were aware of 11 total characters for Street Fighter 6‘s roster: Ryu, Jamie, Luke, Chun-Li, Guile, Juri, Kimberly, Dhalsim, Ken, E. Honda, and Blanka. With today’s new trailer, Cammy, Zangief, Manon, Marisa, Lily, Dee Jay and JP are confirmed as well. Overall this roster seems like an exciting mix of new characters, with plenty of familiar faces.

This won’t exactly be a surprise to those who’ve kept up with Street Fighter 6 news. Earlier in June, a leak made the rounds that essentially confirmed the roster. This leak could have been the reason why Capcom decided to announce the rest of the fighters today. The cat was out of the bag anyway, so it wouldn’t do much good to pretend no one saw the leaks. At least now we can all focus on the new elements of Street Fighter 6 that seem incredibly cool. And we’re sure to still see some neat trailers in the future that’ll show off each of the characters’ designs and movesets, just like we saw with yesterday’s trailer.

The wait for Street Fighter 6 is going to be an agonizing one for sure. There is some good news, though, as a closed beta test is on its way in early October. After that, the game is set to release sometime in spring 2023. That gives everyone plenty of time to dust off their fight sticks and get some practice in with classic Street Fighter titles.

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