Subnautica 2 studio reassures fans that it’s not a live-service game: ‘No season passes. No battle passes. No subscription’

In response to concerns that arose after publisher Krafton said the upcoming Subnautica 2 will feature co-op mulitplayer built on the “games-as-a-service model,” developer Unknown Worlds has clarified that it won’t be very different from the early access releases of the previous games in the series, and that there will be no battle passes or subscriptions involved.

Krafton said in its latest earnings release that Subnautica 2 is “pursuing fandom snowballing,” which is a bit of uniquely corporate terminology I haven’t run into previously, with “single or 1-4 player co-op” and “games-as-a-service model with enhanced replayability.” 

(Image credit: Krafton)

This resulted in immediate consternation from fans: Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero are outstanding survival-exploration games that trade heavily on the sense of isolation they engender, and the idea of ditching that aspect of “you against the world” in pursuit of the live-service trend—microtransactions, season passes, in-game events, weird crossovers, whatever—did not go over well.

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