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SUMMER GAME FEST 2021 – All World Premiere Trailers (E3 2021)

All World Premiere Trailers of the Summer Game Fest 2021.

00:00 Back 4 Blood
00:45 Death Stranding Director’s Cut
03:31 Elden Ring
06:27 Jurassic World Evolution 2
07:42 Lost Ark
09:44 Metal Slug Tactics
11:28 Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
13:09 SMITE x Stranger Things
14:07 Tales of Arise
15:45 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
17:21 Warzone Season Four
18:21 Salt and Sanctuary
20:00 Solar Ash
21:00 Two Point Campus
22:31 The Anacrusis
23:40 Blood Hunt
25:18 House of Ashes
27:34 Planet of Lana
29:35 Endless Dungeon
31:03 Tribes of Midgard
32:50 Evil Dead – The Game

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11 months ago

I will do this kind of trailer overview for all E3 events, so be sure to subscribe to stay tuned.

You can find all videos in this playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPHB2jdoYGKZ939-4eIxpGJjyk8retir_

11 months ago

i clearly will play metal slug!

jiggy puff
11 months ago

Is wonderland based in borderlands that girl is in borderlands

Braydon 246
11 months ago

How many zombie games do we need?

Big Ashmo0ri
11 months ago

Oh my god thank you so much

Sam Schmidt
11 months ago

I really need to remember to not go in the comment sections of E3 videos.

Sam Schmidt
11 months ago

I loved the first Jurassic World Evolution, so I'm excited for its sequel.

11 months ago

never would have predicted Death Stranding would wind up on Zanzibar Island lol

11 months ago

12 ads in 35min video gtfo ?

11 months ago

That Evil Dead game got me feeling some type of way ?

Black Sama
11 months ago

Basically the only interesting things are Tales of arise which itself looks quite generic and the tactics game, rest is more of the same and boring.

Al Edwards
11 months ago

The year of stylized top down rpgs

Erendirani García
11 months ago

all of these look like generic games they'd make up for a tv show
not necessarily a bad thing but maybe a little disappointing. hopefully blood hunt is good, ik a lot of people been waiting for that

11 months ago

A bunch of mobile phones and graphics 2021. most generic style like ever. 2 expections

Jari Gustafsson
11 months ago

this looks extremely boring.

Grima the Fell Dragon
11 months ago

Thanks, had to step out a few times to take care my dog and missed some trailers.

11 months ago

No smash player tease don’t care

11 months ago

Very well structured video, thank you for this!

11 months ago

3:31 is all we need and want

11 months ago

tribes of midgard is a fucking fart joke. black woman white woman and a brute. yeah. in vikings setting. Developers just don't learn anything and are driven by agenda. Hope, agenda will buy their crap. Because i won't.

Gameplay Lord
11 months ago

The only game I seen on here that is hype is evil dead the other games are just garbage (my opinion)

Exodus N
11 months ago

Nice! Glad to see the metal slug franchise making a return, I missed it.

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