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Summer Game Fest 2024 – What To Expect This Year (Surprises, Reveals & Predictions)

Summer Game Fest marks the halfway point of each year. Dozens of developers attend to showcase their latest projects, and all signs point to a massive year. In this video we break down some of our top predictions and expectations ahead of the summer showcase.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Summer Game Fest Schedule
0:51 Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
1:57 The Lost Wild
2:59 Monster Hunter Wilds
3:38 The Plucky Squire
4:56 Black Myth Wukong
5:54 Hyper Light Breaker
6:57 Once Human
7:46 ARC Raiders
8:46 SEGA Revivals
9:39 Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
10:34 Join The Community!

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2 months ago

What do you hope to see at Summer Game Fest, let us know in the comments!

2 months ago

Hopefully, resident evil 9 gets announced and could little nightmares 3 trailer 2 be in there? I mean Bandai namco are there (I know it could be info for other games but still I hope we will see little nightmares 3)

2 months ago

haha ubisoft loves coming up the rear

2 months ago

All Multi player online are 1 update from Suck fest. No thank y0u, and why i play non of them.

These corporations purpose to take " The Fun " out of games, as a Demoralization Ritual.

And Gamers are The Ginea Pigs, again, NO Thank you, I'm not " Ignorant " of Satan Devices.

2 months ago

i just need spyro 4, nothing else

2 months ago

I am not at all expecting Once Human to stay non P2W. Fairly certain they will eventually drop some P2W mechanics in the game. So staying away permanently.

2 months ago

I was so hyped for Arc Raiders, then they switched genre and made it an extraction shooter. And pass….

2 months ago

Kemuri pls

2 months ago

I am looking forward to Ironmace's game, called Dark and Darker. Man it is finally getting some light for bigger audience. Awesome to see

2 months ago

New resident evil I hope

2 months ago

Y en la summer game fest estara snk playmore?

2 months ago

I only need Borderlands 4

2 months ago

Riot showing up here is surprising.
Must be another teaser trailer for Arcane season 2 and more footage for 2XKO.
I highly doubt they'll show off that semi-topdown action-adventure game we've seen nothing about.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Lower your expectations irrelevant Keighley show’s are always overrated and none of those but probably 2 are coming out this year and worth playing. The rest of them 8YRS later. 👀

2 months ago

If a game doesnt come out in max 6 months after its reveal, I dont need to hear about it.

2 months ago

I just want fable/Elder scrolls news

2 months ago

I want Silent Hill 2 news
I want MGS Delta news
I want God of War news
I want Borderlands 4 news

2 months ago