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Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the Flower Kingdom! Learn all about Mario’s latest 2D side-scrolling adventure, including worlds, playable characters, power-ups, Wonder effects, and so much more! Jump into the unexpected when Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system October 20, 2023. Pre-orders are available now on Nintendo eShop.

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1 month ago

Sorry mario fans I'm not feeling it. I'm not impressed

1 month ago

They’re resusing the cappy idea, somewhat. I’m a fan of it 😁

Invader Luis [Angel Luis Alien VK]
1 month ago

Mario & Luigi, Rayman & Globox, Bob the Tomato & Larry the Cucumber, Zim & Luis our own Famous Ultimate Weapon…….Plungers 🪠 Together.
(Plumbers of Super Mario Bros)

Invader Luis [Angel Luis Alien VK]
1 month ago

That's Rayman & Globox, Bob the Tomato & Larry the Cucumber, Zim & Luis's our own Nintendo Super Mario Bros…….Mario & Luigi

1 month ago

Mario is one of the last series that is still innovating on their IP, and this looks like a lot of innovation. I'm actually excited to play this one.

Brian Jackson
1 month ago

I was wondering if you have never completed this game

The Ultimate Emeralds
1 month ago

Mario games are always fun wish I had the switch 😭 of course I got the Wii U before the switch came out and hardly got any games 😞

Cesar Garcia
1 month ago

They ruined mario bros….

Alex Wright
1 month ago

Who is Daisy?

Brad Brannon
1 month ago

I hope they make this a movie!!!❤❤❤

Brad Brannon
1 month ago

Omg I hope😅😂😅😂

Geoffrey Palmer
1 month ago

why do all the new games have to be as possible

Pedro Stormrage
1 month ago

I love how Elephant form is basically a GigaChad, being unfazed by enemies (2:17). That being said, I feel for poor Yoshi (5:15) having to bear the weight of an elephant (hasn't Yoshi suffered enough already?).

1 month ago

Super Mario 3D world?

Chunky Zamboni
1 month ago

Now all we need is mario maker 3 for this game

Angela 777
1 month ago

To easy and not long enough lol

1 month ago

4:14 SpiderToad, SpiderToad

1 month ago

Got it and love it

1 month ago

Nintendo really said “screw asking for world peace, lets make it”