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SUPER MARIO BROS WONDER – Power-Ups & Story Trailer [2023]

New trailer of Super Mario Bros Wonder for Nintendo Switch of Super Mario Bros Wonder Direct with all new Power-Ups and the plot of the story.

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21 days ago

wonder is the right name. amazing

21 days ago


21 days ago

This is mario in his mid 30s going on shrooms and acid …or moon rocks he took the "wonder " flower and boom

21 days ago

its coming on October 20 23

21 days ago

as expected… similiar and same power ups and similiar story rlly bowser again? so predictable im dissapointed again as a ex-mario fan and huge sonic lover

21 days ago

I need a switch again

21 days ago

All Mario games seem stupid and pointless

21 days ago

Rosie red mascot good girl

21 days ago

Mario and his friends will go on for Generations~β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ₯°Let’s-a-do this!!

21 days ago

Raise your hand if the talking flower is scary

21 days ago

0:38 don't be racist, I am a building! 🀣

21 days ago

Nintendo understands the assignment. It's not just about cutting edge technology games have to also be fun and creative.

21 days ago

Im getting it

21 days ago

This looks cool but it's nothing like the past 5 "new super mario bros" games I love so much

21 days ago

Well… This Bowser-fortress really spooky ._.

21 days ago

Looks cute..but bowser is tripping.

21 days ago

Welll the bubble power is not really that new… you had sonething like that when carrying a baby yoshi in one of the new super mario bros games… also there was a drill in super mario galaxy that allowed you to go under the ground and in super mario world you were able to inflate yourself and float around…..

21 days ago

Mario buses Yoshi's. He jumps on their backs with no Concern #
Justice for Yoshi's.

21 days ago

I like Mario’s new voice. And the new abilities!

21 days ago

Nintendo Switch X/U (2023)! ❀❀❀

21 days ago

The drill form reminds of the driller power you get from Super Mario Galaxy 2

21 days ago

What the flower is should of always been the mushroom πŸ˜‚

21 days ago

The elephant and water bubbles is cheesy

21 days ago