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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review

Super Mario Bros. Wonder looks and plays like the true next step for 2D Mario platformers that it aims to be. The Wonder effects change each stage in both surprising and delightful ways, and the Flower Kingdom makes for a vibrant and refreshing change of pace from the Mushroom Kingdom. With apologies to Yoshi’s Island, Wonder feels like a proper 21st-century follow-up to Super Mario World. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch by Ryan McCaffrey.

Need some help tracking down all the collectibles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? Check out our handy guides here:
Walkthrough –
Big Flower Coins –
Secret Exits –

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19 days ago


19 days ago

The music is incredible, the hell you're talking about?

19 days ago

It should be a 10

19 days ago

You got me sold thank you sir, awesome review

19 days ago

It’s way too easy.

19 days ago

Bought it for my 4 year old daughter, now I'm addicted

19 days ago

might have to get this

19 days ago

… Why not make a sequel to Mario Odyssey?

19 days ago

Me and my kids just got this. 4 player mode is fun!! They absolutely love it!!!

19 days ago

Lol around the end he sorta compared it to Odyssey 🀣

It's biased to compare a 3d platform to a 2d platform

19 days ago

this game looks pretty cool…

19 days ago


19 days ago

Its boring and repetitive.

19 days ago

2d super Mario galaxy

19 days ago

If forgettable music, nothing really special, not up to par with odyssey, and overall a pretty meh review still ends up with a 9…what the hell does it take to drop to an 8? lol

Seems like the scale means nothing, the criticism means nothing and you tack an arbitrary score on it.

Show us your rubric.

19 days ago

Great game. Agree with the 9. Its a bit on th easy side, but still really fun

19 days ago

The wonder affect is like something you shouldn't have smoke and you start seeing that you shouldn't see.

19 days ago

Most fun I’ve had with a 2D Mario since Super Mario World. Odyssey is my favorite 3D since Mario 64. The Zelda games the best since OOT/MM. Metroid the best since SM. Nintendo has done an unbelievable job simplifying their vision and revitalizing their flagship franchises. The Switch has been a true return to glory, and as someone who grew up on those older consoles, it’s such a pleasure to get that back.

19 days ago

Yesterday me and me brothers started with playing this game. We liking it already.

19 days ago

Ryan sounds exactly like he looks.

19 days ago

The gameplay is really funny!
Funniest Mario game I’ve ever seen!

19 days ago

Just got this and it's a thrill

19 days ago

10,000 that's my rating

19 days ago

It's nice having a new Mario games that's not 3D.

19 days ago

Great review, Ryan. Well done. Thanks for this

19 days ago

why they cant bring this to android

19 days ago

Almost won game of the year. Was in the running.

19 days ago

I'm still wondering why this game is nominated for the game of the year…

19 days ago

Can't put this game down

19 days ago


19 days ago

Just finished it today! Best 2D Mario ever!

19 days ago

They recorded the audio in a truck stop bathroom.

19 days ago

Bulshit this wins over lies of p

19 days ago

The graphics looks more shinier than deluxe

19 days ago

2d mario for the win

19 days ago

Best 2D mario ever made! The wonder flower mechanic is the gaming equivalent of having a acid trip

19 days ago

We need Viva Pinata for the switch!!!

19 days ago

This piece of dog sh!t is a -5

19 days ago

This is why Nintendo is king. They understand how to make a fun timeless game not just focused on making a graphics powerhouse.