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Switch 2 Leakers Hint at New Games and a Reveal Soon?

As we gear up towards a busy Nintendo-focused 2024 and beyond the rumor and leak mill never stops turning. This week we’re looking over new information from reliable leakers related to Switch 2 reveal timing, upcoming Switch 2 games, and more! Also this week we’re celebrating the release of Princess Peach Showtime! along with the pastel pink joycon controllers which may well be the final special edition set released for the current Nintendo Switch.

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25 days ago

Phew..I hadn’t seen a switch 2 speculation video in my feed for almost 30 mins..I was getting worried. Thank you

25 days ago

Please let this be silksong news

25 days ago

Dude, I think your math is wrong. The switch didn't come out 8 years ago. It came 7 years ago in X amount of months.

25 days ago

The asset thing could mean the switch 2 is far off. I’d imagine the original switch launch trailer took months of planning and a while to shoot and edit. It was a really crazy trailer, if they’re only just getting gameplay for it who knows how far along they really are. Even with that knowledge maybe they make the trailer and hold onto it for a while.

Also midori is a girl lol

25 days ago

Persona 3 and 5 are on Gamepass right now.
My favorite Joycons are still the Mario red Joycons. It's the red I wanted instead of what it was first released when the switch came out. And it gives me nostalgia feels even before I play any game.

25 days ago

keep up the great work