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Sword of Convallaria, XD Games’ upcoming tactical RPG, is now open for pre-registration on mobile

XD Games has just announced its next project, Sword of Convallaria, a tactical fantasy RPG coming to mobile and PC later this year. It features a vibrant cast of characters within the gorgeous kingdom of Iria. Players can view the trailer embedded below to get a feel of what the game is going to be like.

In Sword of Convallaria, players will be transported to the ancient continent of Rodinia, with most of the action taking place in Iria, a tiny nation that is rich in magical Luxite minerals. The story begins with players waking up in a dungeon and escaping to Convallaria, a town on the brink of collapse because of Iria’s rising struggles.

The whole region is threatened by conflicts and it is up to a band of few remaining heroes to save everyone. Players will have to lead the Sword of Convallaria Mercenary Group into several battles and they make their way through numerous tribes. Tough choices lie ahead, but the path to peace was never meant to be easy.


Players can tailor their squadron to their liking, with multiple customization options such as enlisting allies, teaching skills, constructing equipment, and researching technology available to everyone. In addition, missions can be accepted from different factions for extra gear and rewards.

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As for the combat, gameplay will offer thrilling turn-based action. Players must pick their companions based on terrain elements that must be used to gain an upper hand in battle. Every decision made in the arena will decide the fate of Rodinia, so choose wisely.

We don’t know much about Sword of Convallaria’s launch date, but pre-registrations are currently open on the App Store and Google Play. Interested players can sign-up now by clicking on their preferred link below. Also, follow the game’s Twitter handle to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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