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Cold War Zombies Revealed, Will Connect To The Game’s Battle Pass This Time

Cross-play and Battle Pass Progression are finally coming to Call of Duty’s Zombies mode with the launch of November’s Black Ops: Cold War, meaning playing the popular mode will be less of a departure from the rest of the Call of Duty experience. That was the stand-out detail from today’s reveal video and trailer, which followed a week-long Easter egg hunt and some teasers. read more


The Nvidia RTX 3080 eBay Debacle Exposed a Scalper Bot Civil War

Last week, RTX 3080 scalpers pissed off a lot of Nvidia GPU fans by buying up all the graphics cards and attempting to resell them for hundreds of dollars more than the actual MSRP. Unfortunately, this is a common scalper tactic: Buy up as many items of a single product as possible, create a false scarcity, and sell them at a higher price to make a huge profit. People did this at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic with hand sanitizers and other disinfecting products, and it happens all the time with consoles and PC components, too. Scalpers may have created bots to snatch up all those cards, but it looks like bots aren’t just helping the scalpers. They’re also hurting them. read more


Cold War Is The Next Call Of Duty

A teaser trailer released today revealed that the next Call of Duty will be Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. Claiming to be inspired by true events, the teaser trailer features the story of a Soviet spy, codenamed “Perseus,” who was allegedly involved in attempts to sabotage the United States. read more


Fall Guys Creators Incite Twitter Brand Bidding War For Charity, And It’s Beautiful To Watch

Since the launch of wildly successful battle royale Fall Guys, Twitter brands have been falling over themselves to get their products and/or services represented as in-game costumes. Yesterday developer Mediatonic launched a two-week “Battle of the Brands” event, with the brand that donates the most to gamer charity Special Effect securing the coveted tie-in. As of this writing, the bidding has reached over $130,000. read more