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Takaya Imamura’s New Switch Game Is Launching In Japan In July

Ex-Nintendo employee Takaya Imamura, best known for his work on Star Fox and F-Zero, is just about ready to unleash his new Switch game, with Omega 6: The Triangle Stars heading to Japan on 25th July, 2024 (thanks, VGC).

Published by City Connection in Japan and confirmed via a livestream event, the game is the first from Imamura since his resignation from Nintendo in 2021. Boasting 16-bit visuals and text-based gameplay, Omega 6 is quite a departure from his previous efforts, but there’s definitely an air of familiarity with the character design (check out that Star Fox lookalike on the game’s box art).

Unfortunately, the release date is limited to Japan for the time being, with no Western date on the horizon and no English-language option available at the time of writing.

Still, it’s certainly something we’re keen to keep a close eye on in the coming weeks and months. Previously, developer Happymeal had confirmed it was consulting with Nintendo’s own Kenji Matsutani, with a view to draw inspiration from 3D Zelda games including Breath of the Wild.

Image: City Connection

The livestream itself, while entirely in Japanese, is worth skimming through if you’d like to check out some direct gameplay footage and catch a glimpse of the physical editions in the works for the Japanese launch.

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