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Take a look at Outriders Wordslayer’s wildest, deadliest new weapons

Some games will make you grind for weeks to get your hands on a truly powerful weapon. Some will hold back their biggest guns until the endgame, or worse still, make you pay real money to upgrade. None of these scenarios is ideal if all you really want to do is start wielding some serious weaponry and dealing that oh-so-satisfying critical damage.

Outriders is a little different. The developers know that you want those tactile guns up front, which is why their futuristic arsenal makes for a far better prospect. Outriders’ weapons pack some serious punch, meaning every fight is as brutal and visceral as the last. Even a common Mod can massively change how your weapon works – just think how powerful Legendaries could be.

With Outriders’ new expansion Worldslayer introducing a whole host of new stories, enemies, areas, and loot, that weapons rack is about to get a sizable upgrade. There are a host of new Legendary weapons up for grabs, each with its own specific Mods for dealing some colossal damage, and a brand-new gear tier: Apocalypse.

Apocalypse gear comes with a third Mod slot with a set Mod already assigned. When Legendary and Epic items drop, they have a chance of being an Apocalypse variant, meaning you could end up with a weapon that has three Tier 3 Mods on it. Your chance of snagging one of these deadly weapons increases as your Apocalypse Tier rises, which can be boosted by completing various challenges.

We’ve broken down a few of the best new Legendary weapons from the Outriders Worldslayer DLC to help you decide which one you’ll aim for first. Remember – each of these has a chance to drop as an Apocalypse Tier weapon.

Deathscape Assault Rifle

This twisted hunk of green and grey may look like something that crawled out of a swamp, but its toxicity works in your favour. This weapon will suit a Technomancer to a T.

The Stigmatized Mod inflicts Toxic, marking the enemy for five seconds. They will then explode upon death, dealing damage across six metres and marking anyone caught in the crossfire.

Grand Opening is the second Mod, which creates a powerful explosion if you manage a first-time hit, dealing damage in a five metre radius.

Charred Lance Double Gun

The Charred Lance is a fiery assault weapon. Capable of decimating even the strongest armour, and equipped with two passive damage Mods, this one can rip anything to shreds in seconds.

Death Ray is a powerful Mod that causes a glowing Anomaly Beam to form as you gaze down the sights. It causes damage every 0.3 seconds, just by coming into contact with the enemy.

The second Mod is Judgement Enforcer, which marks enemies with each shot, and deals a nifty 10x damage to each of them every time you reload.

Final Penance Double Gun

Don’t let the primitive design of Final Penance fool you – this leathery assault weapon is as high-tech as the rest. Adorned with animal skins and the teeth of fallen enemies, you won’t need good luck when you’ve got this beast on your side.

The Mage’s Rage Mod boosts critical hits with a 10% Anomaly Power bonus, making it the perfect gun for an Anomaly-focused build. What’s more, this boost can stack up to four times, and lasts for a full 10 seconds during combat.

The Ravenous Locust Mod summons a swarm of locusts for each shot, dealing damage and Weakness over six seconds to enemies within a six metre radius.

Mythos Light Machine Gun

Mythos appears to have been ripped straight from the carcass of some great beast, with its savage layers of teeth. Again, a great choice for Anomaly builds looking to tap into their roots.

Omen is the first Mod, which launches a cover-piercing Anomaly projectile with every shot, inflicting Bleed, dealing damage, and weakening the enemy for three seconds.

The second Mod, Anomaly Enhancement, works best when you’ve already honed your Anomaly skills, as it boosts your Firepower by 40% of your current Anomaly Power.

Sunfall Submachine Gun

This flashy gun utilises the heat of the sun to burn enemies to the ground. When things start to heat up, this is the weapon you’ll want by your side.

The first Mod, Firestorm, summons a blazing inferno through successful shots, inflicting Burn and dealing damage to all enemies within its radius for eight seconds. Each successful shot further increases this radius.

The second Mod is Life And Death, a restorative perk that boosts your max health by 20% with each successful kill.

Decadence Automatic Sniper Rifle

Decadence is the natural evolution of the sniper rifle. With two powerful Mods that boost this vicious vertebrae-inspired weapon, you can stealthily disarm any number of enemies on the sly.

Relativity Theorem rewards critical shots by reducing one random skill cooldown by 10% – useful if you’re in that perfect sniping spot and want to strike quickly.

The second Mod, Burst Of Decay, also uses critical shots, this time to act as the catalyst for catastrophic explosions that inflict Toxic on enemies within a five metre radius.

Vortex Automatic Sniper Rifle

A Trickster’s perfect weapon, this stealthy sniper uses the power of the elements to encompass enemies in a brutal, swirling storm. There’s no escape from the Vortex.

The Slashing Twister Mod uses successful shots to summon a writhing tornado for a full eight seconds, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds and increasing in potency over time.

Critical shots can trigger Concentration Blast, which causes enemies to explode, dealing damage multiplied by the number of other enemies surrounding them.

Thunderclap Automatic Shotgun

True to its name, this lightning-fast shotgun can bring a hail of bullets down on the enemy, utilising the destructive power of electricity to scorch the earth.

Nikola’s Revenge is a Mod which links up to five enemies together with consecutive shots, dealing damage over two seconds as long as the original target remains alive, conducting painful electricity through each in turn.

Storm Whip brings lightning down on an enemy directly, dealing significant damage. Thunderclap can also use the Concentration Blast Mod.

Lumberjack Revolver

Something for the Technomancers, this splintery sidearm is compact but lethal. With a sleek wooden frame and devastating accuracy, the Lumberjack is a worthy partner in any fight.

Essence Extractor rewards successful shots on enemies with a status affliction by boosting your health by 5% of your current maximum. Each active status applied to the enemy will boost this even further.

The second Mod is Legendary Minefield. Each critical shot will spawn several explosives around the initial target, with each dealing high damage across a five metre radius.

Every fight is sure to be as brutal as the last as you claw your way through the grim world of Outriders and collect ever more powerful gear. With Worldslayer bringing a great deal of new content, now is the perfect time to find your new favourite game. Pick it up now for PC via Steam.

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