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Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo Trailer Sets Release Date for DLC Character

Bandai Namco has released a new Tekken 8 trailer showcasing Eddy Gordo, one of the most iconic Tekken characters in the franchise who is set to arrive next month as DLC.

Gordo has been a mainstay in the Tekken franchise since Tekken 3, and he has appeared in nearly every single game since. In gameplay, Gordo is a Capoeira master, and known for his flair and style in his outfits and fighting stances.

The trailer for Gordo also revealed that the first Tekken 8 DLC character will ariive on April 1, 2024, via early access to those who own the Year 1 Character Pass. For those who purchase the character separately, Gordo will be available beginning on April 4, 2024.

Check out the newest trailer featuring Gordo’s gameplay below:

Tekken 8 DLC arrives alongside new update

Alongside the addition of Eddy Gordo into the game, Tekken 8 will also receive a new balance patch on April 1, 2024. The new patch will include a Fight Pass feature, as well as new costume sets that will be available in the store.

As far as gameplay goes, Bandai Namco noted that the balance patch is mostly fixing up various move bugs, with a larger balance update planned sometime later in the year.

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