Terra Nil: How to Make a Lake and Discover the Goose

If you’re like most Terra Nil players, you’ve been wondering how to make a lake in the game’s Temperate biome. You’ll need to do so if you want to discover the Goose and log all of the animals in this area. However, there’s absolutely no guidance for creating a lake and no matter how much water you scan, it’s likely you’ve come back with incomplete results time and time again. 

How to Create a Lake in Terra Nil

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To create a lake in Terra Nil and discover the Goose, you’ll need to make a 4x4x4x4 section of river water — four units wide on the top and bottom, and 4 units long on the right and left. There can be a piece or two of land within the box you’ve created.

This area can include a section of river that abuts a wetland area or has a piece or two of wetland encroaching it. However, it does not include any wetland areas themselves.

You can make a lake on either of the maps available for the Temperate biome: River Valley and Abandoned Quarry. Doing so on either presents its own challenges.

  • For River Valley, you can use the Excavator along the river.
  • For Abandoned Quarry, you can use the Excavator or the XYZ, putting a Water Pump inside the depression left by the XYZ. 

Regardless of the location you choose, reset the map until you have a section of river that is at least 4 tiles wide and 4 tiles long on one side each in one area. Select “Retry Region” to do so. 

Make note of the location where you want to create the lake, and leave room for Excavators when laying out your other buildings, creating rock formations for Windmills, and placing ecosystems. Use the Excavators to make the two remaining sides of the selected area 4×4. 

Build the scanner, and scan the area. The Geese should populate the area. If you get a yellow indicator where you performed the sonar scan: 

  • Check that the scanned area is 4x4x4x4.
  • Use another Excavator to remove more land.

And that’s how to make a lake in Terra Nil and discover the Goose, adding it to your list of planetary fauna and coming a little bit closer to 100% restoration. Though not as hard to find as Geese, the Narwhal can be tricky. We’ve got all of Terra Nil‘s animal locations here if you’re looking for more. 

Featured image by GameSkinny.

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