Terror of Hemasaurus looks like the Rampage successor the world needs

Do you remember the halcyon days of sliding quarters into Rampage? For me, it was repeatedly renting Rampage: World Tour from my local Family Video and slotting it into my N64. It didn’t matter that turning the console off would nuke all of my progress, since I failed to understand what memory cards did. In a way, it’s kind of weird the “monsters destroying a 2D city” genre never took off the way Doom shooters or point-and-click adventures did. Our only solace has been the better-than-you’d-expect 2018 movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

That’s why Terror of Hemasaurus looks appropriately smashing. It’s exactly what you’d hope it is: a retro style smash-em-up where you and friends play giant kaiju monsters unleashed on a helpless city populace. Rather than a gorilla or wolfman, you play as the Reptar-like Hemasaurus, the similarly lizard-like Salamandrah, the time-bending “Clocksloth,” and Autonomous Hemasaurus, an obvious nod to my favorite kaiju movie villain, Mecha Godzilla.

(Image credit: Loren Lemcke)

The premise is also surprisingly cool for what is ultimately just a reason to go around stomping on buildings. Hemasaurus is unfrozen by the Church of the Holy Lizard and instructed to teach humanity to finally care about the planet’s climate catastrophe. Not a moment too soon, huh?

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