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The 10 best grinding PS5 games for fans of looting, shooting, hacking and slashing

These grinding games will steal hundreds of hours without you noticing.

George Lucas, the legendary movie producer and creator of Star Wars, once said that good storytelling is about two things – the character and the plot. However, the importance of crafting a compelling, memorable story extends beyond Hollywood movies to our favorite medium – video games. As players, we cherish well-written characters who face adversity against all odds. We rooted for Joel and Ellie as they navigated zombie-infested America in The Last of Us, we were deeply invested in the father-son relationship between Kratos and Atreus in God of War, and we breathlessly followed the unnamed pilgrim in the epic and mysterious Journey. The driving force behind each of these games was – as Lucas said – the plot and the characters.

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However, many of us also invest hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into games where storytelling is barely present and characters are often bland at best. Instead, we crave the grind – the tedious, repetitive, often lengthy grind that leads to sweet loot. If you consider yourself one of us – a hoarder who delights in collecting unique sets, legendary items, or colorful weapons – we’ve got you covered with our list of the best grindy games on PlayStation 5. 

What are the best grinding PS5 games?

Let’s address the elephant in the room: not all loot-based PS5 games are created equal. Sometimes, we encounter games where the grind is simply too strenuous, and the promised loot isn’t worth our time. Fortunately, we can also find spectacularly well-made titles that entice us with the promise of exceptional items, and the grind needed to obtain them is actually fun. Unless you’re a masochistic hoarder, we’ll assume you’d rather dive headfirst into the latter category. So, without further ado, we present our list of the top best grinding PS5 games that will steal hundreds of hours of your life. We promise that that shiny sword or purple-glowing armor will be totally worth it.

Stardew Valley

When you hear the words “loot” and “grind,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Typically, when people think of grind-focused games, they think of shooters or role-playing games. Don’t worry, we have those too! But let’s be honest: is there a more grind-intensive activity than farming? Stardew Valley demonstrates that there probably isn’t, but it also proves that farming can be a hell of fun despite the hard work involved.

In Stardew Valley, you step into the shoes of the solitary inheritor of your grandpa’s rundown farm nestled on the outskirts of charming Pelican Town. Despite its dilapidated state, there’s a glimpse of hope. With plenty of good old-fashioned grind, you can restore the farm to its former glory. It all starts with planting basic fruits and veggies, but as you amass wealth and rare resources, you can graduate to more sophisticated crops. When you need a breather from the farming grind, there’s always the option to forage, fish, or delve into the mines. Just beware – those mines are crawling with monsters eager to test your sword-wielding skills. The game does a fantastic job of cataloging all your collectibles, like fish, crops, minerals, and even dishes you’ve cooked, and pushes you forward to uncover more. Add a bunch of surprisingly well-written, lovable, romanceable characters to the mix, and what you are left with is one of the best grindy PS5 games you can hope for.

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky - a real space oddysey and a grinding game for PS5

When we were young, many of us dreamed of becoming astronauts – brave space explorers who venture to other planets, catalog alien species, and push the boundaries of the final frontier. If you’re seeking grinding games on PlayStation 5 that can help you fulfill this dream, look no further than Hello Games’ masterpiece, No Man’s Sky. Despite a rocky start in 2016, the game has undergone constant updates and has evolved into a massive grind-focused space odyssey, earning its place on our list of the best space exploration games!

But hold your horses, or should we say, engine thrusters! While the entire galaxy awaits your exploration, you’ll need to grind your way there first. Start off from a single planet with all your gear, suit, and ship in disrepair. To fix your equipment and survive the harsh environment, you must gather various resources, minerals, and materials, build a base, and eventually embark on interstellar journeys. Once you take to the stars, No Man’s Sky offers unparalleled freedom. Whether you want to mine asteroids, engage in space battles with pirates, or peacefully trade with alien civilizations, the choice is yours. And when you need a break from the vastness of space, simply gaze at the horizon – each glowing star represents another system full of planets teeming with discoveries and adventures.

End: -50%Historical low

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - A group of players attacking a boss

If your dream is to explore various planets but with an assault rifle in hand instead of a scanner and with battle cries rather than peaceful negotiations, then we have a treat for you. Enter Destiny 2, undeniably one of the best grinding PS5 games that will put your reflexes to the test as you battle murderous alien races and collect all the weapons, armor, and modifications necessary to emerge victorious. And the best part? It’s free!

“But does Destiny 2 have a story?” you might ask. Yes, it does, and it’s pretty deep. However, while diving into the lore of the Guardians, the Light, and the Darkness can be fascinating, it’s not the main attraction here – it’s all about the loot! The game places a strong emphasis on the grind for new weapons and upgrades by continually presenting players with fresh gear, fostering a sense of progression and anticipation for even better items. And if the forces of the Darkness ever feel overwhelming, simply team up with your friends! Whether tackling the game solo or joining forces for cooperative action, Destiny 2 offers a dynamic and ever-evolving experience that shooting and grinding enthusiasts will find incredibly satisfying.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World is a grindy PS5 games where you hunt monstrosities of different shapes and sizes

Let’s take a break from space adventures and focus on a more down-to-earth task – hunting. But instead of pheasant and roe deer, your prey is going to be much larger and more dangerous. And if you thought we were going to introduce you to a certain Witcher and his two swords, rest assured – some of the beasts in Monster Hunter: World, Capcom’s iconic action RPG series, require much more than just a sword to kill. 

The game follows a tried and true formula that all fans of looting, crafting, and grinding will love. We begin our journey as simple hunters of monsters in the “New World” – a wild and unpopulated land brimming with monsters and other dangers. With only basic equipment, we can hunt simple creatures. However, after a few initial kills, we gather enough loot to craft hundreds of better weapons, armor, and useful items, enabling us to pursue more dangerous prey. Rinse and repeat this cycle until you become a walking demi-god, taking down monsters the size of buildings.

Path of Exile

Battle your way to victory in Path of Exile - one of the best loot-based PS5 games

For fans of grim, dark fantasy, visceral combat, and grindy games on PlayStation 5, consider giving Path of Exile a try. Developed by the ironically named Grinding Gear Games, this free-to-play action RPG is set in the nightmarish land of Wraeclast. Here, criminals and murderers, known as Exiles, are banished to be killed by roaming monstrosities. You arrive there on a slave ship, setting the stage for a brutal journey.

With its overhead perspective and hordes of grotesque monsters attacking from all directions, Path of Exile draws immediate comparisons to the iconic Diablo series. However, PoE distinguishes itself in its complexity and scale. The game boasts a large and continuously expanding world filled with diverse environments, monsters, and loot. A defining feature is its intricate skill system, centered around a massive skill tree known as the “Passive Skill Tree.” This allows players to customize their characters in countless ways, creating unique builds tailored to their preferred playstyle. If you’re a looter and hoarder who doesn’t mind a slightly more challenging entry point, Path of Exile is definitely worth a try.

The Division 2

Division 2 is a looter shooter set in Washington DC

While most of the titles on this list delve into fictional fantasy or sci-fi realms, one stands out as a near-future depiction that’s frighteningly realistic and believable. We’re referring to The Division 2 and its predecessor, spectacular looter shooters loosely based on the ideas of political thriller writer Tom Clancy. In the sequel, players once again assume the roles of elite agents tasked with restoring order to the post-pandemic ruins of Washington, D.C.

Despite The Division 2’s politically charged and intricate storyline, the gameplay itself is straightforward, engaging, and downright enjoyable, making D2 one of the more popular games on Sony’s console. Players select the specialization of their agents and embark on various missions across increasingly challenging zones of the nation’s capital. Battling through waves of enemies with well-designed cover mechanics, we amass a vast array of weapons, gun attachments, and items; enough to make any looter and hoarder rejoice. The real fun begins as we continuously strive to balance damage, recoil, and rate of fire to fully optimize our arsenal.


Warframe is another example of fantastic grindy games on PlayStation 5

Picture this: you awake from cryosleep as a member of an ancient warrior race, only to discover the galaxy is torn apart by war and your world threatened by peril. Thus begins Warframe, a third-person action RPG that may sound slightly cliché but delivers an epic gaming experience. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the game was initially released by Digital Extremes over a decade ago. However, don’t let its age deceive you—over the past ten years, Warframe has undergone significant updates, evolving into one of the best grindy PS5 games that mix hack-and-slash and looter shooter genres.

Warframe deviates from typical loot-focused games in several notable ways. Firstly, players are not subject to the whims of random chance when it comes to obtaining powerful weapons or gear. Instead, they collect and purchase blueprints to enhance their arsenal, with the game providing clear guidance on the necessary materials and where to acquire them. All you need is time and patience to farm them. Secondly, the game introduces the concept of Frames—highly advanced exoskeletons that blend elements of Iron Man’s armor with the suit from Dead Space, augmented by mystical abilities. With ongoing updates, Warframe boasts an impressive roster of 55 unique Frames, catering to the preferences of loot enthusiasts and collectors alike. Oh, and we failed to mention – we are also placing it on our list of free PlayStation games!

Diablo IV

Diablo IV -the newest part of a popular hack and slash series from Blizzard

Did you think we’d forget? Not a chance. No list of notable grinding games on PlayStation 5 would be complete without Diablo IV, the latest installment in Blizzard’s classic hack-and-slash dark RPG saga, beloved by fans of collecting unique armor sets and farming pristine royal gems. 

In Diablo IV, players assume the role of one of five distinct characters—a necromancer, barbarian, rogue, sorcerer, or druid—as they engage in the eternal struggle between good and evil, primarily focused on hunting down and slaying powerful demons. Yet, beneath this narrative lies the true allure of the franchise: its rich loot system. We constantly seek out better weapons, armor, and other trinkets through relentless farming and battling high-level bosses who offer the chance to obtain unique, class-restricted items. 

Despite receiving a mixed reception from players, Diablo IV remains a compelling loot-focused hack-and-slash adventure, appealing to both seasoned looting aficionados and newcomers to the genre. And if you’re trying it on a console, you can easily double the fun by inviting friends for a couch coop session – or check the list of other PS local multiplayer games that we’ve compiled for you.

End: -50%Historical low

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - shooting enemies with great loot

What do you get when you blend a fast-paced shooter with cel-shading graphics, an outrageous loot system boasting over a billion guns, a roster of endearing misfits, and some absurd humor? Enter Borderlands 3, one of the best grinding PS5 games you can lay your hands on.

In this game, whether you’re flying solo or engaging in split-screen couch co-op sessions, you’ll traverse various planets swarming with hostile locals in a mad pursuit of treasures locked within Vaults. But for true loot enthusiasts, the real treasures lie beneath their foes’ feet—the loot, particularly the guns. Borderlands 3 generates millions of unique weapons, each boasting outlandish features. Searching for a gun that morphs into a grenade upon reloading? Look no further. How about one that shoots burgers? Easily done! And if you ever doubt your gun-slinging prowess, there’s even a talking pistol ready to sarcastically remind you of your bad aim. If you revel in being buried under a cascade of vibrant guns, enjoy seeking out unique weapon models, and appreciate (or revel in) offbeat humor, Borderlands 3 is an absolute must-play.

End: -85%Historical low

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV - a grinding MMORPG with a variety of loot

The final (pun absolutely intended) entry on our list brings us to the captivating world of Final Fantasy XIV – a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Square Enix. Despite its rocky start, the game has steadily grown its player base, earning its place among the must-have loot-based PS5 games and rightfully getting its spot in our ranking of best MMORPGs of 2024. Set in the fantastical realm of Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV boasts a rich narrative, immersive gameplay, and a diverse array of classes and professions for players to delve into.

In true MMORPG fashion, looting and grinding form the backbone of the gameplay experience in Final Fantasy XIV. As we traverse the expansive landscapes and engage in battles against formidable foes and epic bosses, we are rewarded with valuable loot ranging from powerful gear and weapons to rare crafting materials. And if we want the best stuff – grinding is essential. Whether you are planning to band together for challenging raids with fellow adventurers or traverse dungeons solo, there is no denying that the allure of uncovering rare treasures and honing your abilities will propel you on your epic journey across Eorzea.

Well, fellow loot enthusiasts and collectors, we’ve reached the end of our list of the top loot-focused games for Sony’s current generation console. Do you agree with our selections? Also, what are your thoughts on George Lucas’s quote? Are you more inclined towards story-driven experiences, or do you embrace the repetitive grind of farming and looting for the allure of shiny new gear? Share your thoughts with us below!

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