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13 days ago

That is one way to deal with laziness and don't want to make multiple different NPC.

13 days ago

11 bit Studios has been killing it with these unique looking games

13 days ago

Yen or Yan? don't know just say both

13 days ago

Feels like this was heavily inspired by the movie Moon. Looks awesome.

13 days ago

The dude can't say Resources. "Resirrrsessss." What??

13 days ago

This is amazing and a fantastic concept. Finally a game that made me interested.

13 days ago

The premise is so original! I just hope the execution is good and the game is released polished.

13 days ago

The concept is quite intriguing, I hope it would be properly executed on both gameplay & technical level as well. Looking forward to this game release!

13 days ago

What's the bet in the end he is a clone himself

13 days ago

I can’t wait for this game ! I was excited as soon as I first seen the trailer !

13 days ago

Something new!

13 days ago

clone stranding

13 days ago

Why can’t he clone the dead crew

13 days ago

crazy game , developer cooking something big . 🔥

13 days ago

Need this on gamepass

13 days ago

Moon inspired. That’s awesome

13 days ago

something which stands out finally

13 days ago

I would buy it just to send the message that experimental game concepts are worth it.

13 days ago

i hope my clones turn on me eventually 😤

13 days ago

Release date?

13 days ago

Was nice to see Dolly the sheep. lol

13 days ago

This game needs more hyping up. An actual original space-sim that looks this good shouldn't fly under the radar.

13 days ago

Is this the same studio that did moonlighters?

13 days ago

Hmm, colour me intrigued. Definitely some Kojima in this. Also some of Arkane's Deathloop. I'm there for it.

13 days ago

We need 2 Jan Micheal Vincent in Quadrant E

13 days ago

im sold

13 days ago

surprise surprise, Proto-guy is obviously a clone himself

13 days ago

The premise for this game is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Unbelievably hyped!

13 days ago

Looks absolutely amazing. The art direction is top notch.

13 days ago

Looks awesome 🤩 day one on xbox game pass 🏆

13 days ago

Strand inspired game…dope.

13 days ago


13 days ago

release date?