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The Best End Bases In Minecraft


  • Challenge the Ender Dragon to unlock new dimensions with unique materials and opportunities for creative builds and homes.
  • Transform the desolate End dimension into a cozy base with natural materials, purple accents, and creative block usage.
  • Repurpose obsidian towers post-Ender Dragon fight to construct unique bases with circular rooms and bridges for expansion.



As you continue to explore and upgrade your Minecraft world, you can unlock dangerous dimensions that present new challenges, bosses, and materials. One of these aforementioned dimensions is called The End, where you can challenge the game’s final boss, travel to an End City, and collect rare pieces of equipment such as an Elytra.


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However, The End dimension is not only a place for combat, because many talented creators and builders have uploaded tutorials focusing on transforming this desolate and creepy dimension into your new home. If you want to create your base within The End and are in some serious need of inspiration, then check out the incredible builds below.

Unlike the other dimensions in Minecraft, The End instantly presents you with a boss fight against the Ender Dragon when you first spawn. To build any of these structures, we seriously recommend completing this fight before creating a fortress, home, or portal.

7 End Starter Home

An image from Minecraft of an End Starter Home build tutorial. This is a classic modern starter home built with blocks taken from the End Dimension.

Just because you conquered The End Dimension does not mean that you necessarily have to live there. Since you can travel to and from this dimension by defeating the Ender Dragon, you can bring back blocks and use them in the Overworld.

Just check out Julious’s End Starter Home as an example, since this small building uses both Endstone and Purpur blocks to create a strange modern home for you to live in. Keep in mind that although this house may be a starter home, it still requires you to travel to The End and beat the final boss of the entire game, meaning it will take some time before you can use any of these blocks in a survival world.

6 Purple End Portal

An image from a Minecraft tutorial Purple End Portal room. This build tutorial uses Purpur blocks to transform the End Portal into a majestic room.

Before you can even travel to The End, you will have to locate a Stronghold underground and activate The End Portal using Eyes Of Ender. Unfortunately, the location of the End Portal is quite bland and requires some serious updating once you have defeated the combat within The End.

Jagiero’s Purple End Portal takes inspiration from End Cities, using both Endstone and Purpur blocks to create a color scheme similar to the structures you will see in the End. Furthermore, the bottom portion of this build features purple stained glass that gives the illusion of a deeper structure underneath the portal.

5 Simple End House

An image from Minecraft of a Simple End House. This tutorial showcases how you can make a small house in the end, and still make it unique.
Otama The World

Since the entire End dimension is made up of a singular tan block, it can be quite difficult to create a structure that stands out among the monotony of the surrounding area. Luckily, Otama The World’s build showcases how you can utilize natural materials to make your base pop.

Specifically, by adding a few leaves and purple accents, the entire structure is easily identifiable within the dreary landscape of an End City. Furthermore, you can even craft Endstone into Endstone Bricks, which offer a new texture that breaks up the repetitive nature of the dimension.

4 Natural End Portal Room

An image from Minecraft of a fully decorated End Portal Room. This tutorial tranforms the bland End Portal into a room deocrated with natural elements.

Sev’s Natural End Portal showcases yet another way you can remodel the End Portal into something unique. This particular tutorial utilizes natural materials such as flowers, moss, and leaves in combination with the futuristic aspects of the End Portal.


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To fully construct this room, you will have to mine out a large area around the portal to make room for the added lanterns and water. The best aspect of this build is the four miniature Ender Dragons hanging from the ceiling, mimicking flight around the center of the room.

3 Secret End Base

An image from Minecraft of a Secret End Base. This tutorial showcases how you can utilize the end portals to create a base at the bottom of the End.

This particular base is perhaps the most unique on the entire list, since it utilizes the large obsidian towers from the Ender Dragon boss fight in a very specific way. These towers pierce through the entire End Island, meaning portions of these obsidian monoliths jut down towards the bottom of the map.

By tunneling down through the Endstone, you can reach the ends of these towers and construct circular rooms that encompass each structure. For example, one of these towers can contain a crafting area, while another may contain a bedroom or enchanting room.

Furthermore, you can also construct bridges between each room to expand the fantastical elements of this base further and add connections between each area.

2 End Castle

An image from Minecraft of an End Castle Tutorial, which utilizes blcoks from the End to create a domineering base.
Lex The Builder

Lex The Builder is a creator who consistently makes detailed structures that follow a very specific theme. In this instance, Lex has created yet another castle, this time made out of obsidian blocks, and purple accents.

The main purpose of this structure is to create a secure base where Endermen will not attack you, while also dominating the entire dimension with this imposing structure. While the tutorial takes place in the Overworld, you can easily recreate this exact building within The End to rule over your new domain.

1 End Towers

An image from Minecraft of End Towers turned into castles using Endstone.

After you complete the Ender Dragon boss fight, you may notice that the large towers are still standing. Instead of slowly removing these structures, you can fully repurpose them into large castle towers that contain everything you need to survive.

Specifically, by decorating the towers with tan Endstone, you will create a perfect contrast between the light and dark colors of the blocks. Similar to Grian’s other end base, you can utilize each tower as a different section of your house, with bridges in between to connect the entire creation.


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