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The best FIFA 23 left backs to sign in career mode

The best FIFA 23 left backs will lift your career mode squad from meandering in mid-table to challenging for titles. The modern full back is potentially the most important player in any squad, bringing bags of pace, attacking talent, and energy down either wing. Whether you’re looking to improve Manchester United’s situation or add some real quality to Crawley, a good left back is vitally important.

Thankfully, the football game is full of quality left backs and we’ve done the research to discover which LBs and LWBs are the best of the best across all price points. It’s time to add some real quality down that left-hand side of the pitch. These are the best left backs in FIFA 23, though we also have the best right backs if you need cover on both sides of the defence.

Best left backs £50m+

The best FIFA 23 left backs in career mode will be those with a market value of over £50m. These are the best of the best and the LBs and LWBs you should look to sign if you’re after league titles and other silverware.

Theo Hernández

While there are other more obvious shouts such as João Cancelo and Andrew Robertson, Theo Hernández carries the potential to be the best LB in FIFA 23. The 24-year-old has a base overall rating of 85 with the potential to rise to 90. His 94 sprint speed, 84 crossing, and 90 stamina make him a particularly good LB already, stats that can only get better with time. His market value of £65.5m and wage demands of £70k a week price him cheaper than Robertson and Cancelo, too.

Alphonso Davies

The 21-year-old Canadian phenomenon carries a base rating of 84 coupled with the potential to rise to 89. Like Hernández above, his speed stats are awfully impressive. 86-rated agility paired with 96 acceleration, and 87 dribbling makes for a fun LB to play as. The cheapest of the £50m+ bracket, too, Davies has a market value of just £52m and wage demands of £51k a week.

Best FIFA 23 left backs: Nuno Mendes clapping

Best left backs £20-£50m

Between £20m and £50m the best left backs in career mode are those with high ceilings and older players with bags of skill. If you’re looking to improve your LB/LWB position quickly in the top flight, these are the players worth looking into.

Nuno Mendes

Thanks to his overall rating of 80 and potential of 88, Nuno Mendes is a star in the making and one that will add real quality to your left back position for many digital seasons to come. Aged just 20, Mendes has 90 acceleration, 78 crossing, and 80 stamina. With the right development plan, working on his stamina and crossing, Mendes will be one of the best in FIFA 23. This comes with a market value of £38m and wage demands of £46k a week, he’s worth the expense for whatever team you’re managing.

Jordi Alba

At 33 years old, Jordi Alba has his best years behind him, but his overall rating of 85 and impressive stats means he’s still more than worth signing, even if just for a couple of seasons. The Spanish LB has a market value of £24m and high wage demands of £160k a week but has 86 crossing, 87 agility, and 86 short passing so it’s worth the outlay. He’s a master of the left back craft.

Best FIFA 23 left backs: Rayan Ait-Nouri running at the defence with the ball

Best left backs £5-£20m

The best FIFA 23 left backs between £5m and £20m are ostensibly players with high potential backed up by solid overall ratings for a quick fix and prospect player all tied up into one neat little package. These are the LBs to sign if you’re a team on the up (think Championship) or one new to the top flight looking to make a small splash in the transfer market.

Rayan Aït Nouri

Thanks to his overall rating of 76 and gargantuan potential of 86, Aït Nouri is well worth signing. The 21-year-old French LB/LWB has good all-round stats that can dramatically improve. His market value of £14m and wage demands of £37k a week could be slightly off-putting but, trust us, he’s an investment worth making.

Calvin Bassey

This 22-year-old Nigerian LB is equally as good playing CB. His 88 strength and 80 jumping suggest he’s a defensive full back, but his 89 sprint speed, 71 crossing, and 90 stamina imply otherwise. Bassey has a market value of £10m and wage demands of £10k a week and you get a lot of bang for that low buck. An overall rating of 75 and potential of 85 make Bassey a must-sign at this price point.

Best FIFA 23 left backs: Prince Aning jumping to receive the ball

Best left backs under £5m

Youth prospects and free agents make up for the best LBs in FIFA 23 career mode under £5m. These are the players to transfer in if you’re a lower league side or need a good youngster to provide solid strength in depth.

Milos Kerkez

With the potential to rise to 84 from a base overall stat of 71 (complete with a stamina rating of 87), Kerkez is a fine addition to any team. His market value of £3.6m and wage demands of £2k might price him out of the lowest-ranked teams, but when you can afford him snap him up. This 18-year-old Hungarian LB is an impressive prospect.

Prince Aning

Too cheap to turn down for any lower league side, at just 18, Aning has the potential to rise from his base overall stat of 62 to an impressive 82. An LB who relies on pace, the German youngster’s stamina and crossing stats will need improving, but you can do that just fine. His balance stat of 90 is impressive as is. Aning has a market value of just £900k and wage demands of just £430 a week.

Jesús Gallardo

The best free agent left back available. The 27-year-old Mexican LB has an overall rating of 75, made up with acceleration of 84, stamina of 88, and crossing of 74. Expect wage demands of £53k and up to sign him. Sign him up as soon as you start career mode, you don’t want another team snapping him up.

Signing up any of the players listed above to your FIFA 23 career mode squad will add plenty of quality in left back positions. Transfer in the best midfielders in FIFA 23 to make the middle of the pitch yours and bring in the best centre backs in FIFA 23 to keep those goals out. It’s time to make the dream team.

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