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The Best Free Solo Games You Can Play On PC


  • Free single-player games offer high-quality experiences that can rival expensive titles in the market, such as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.
  • Diverse options, from cute puzzle games like Tukoni to intense adventures like Blood Spear, cater to different tastes in the gaming community.
  • Whether you enjoy story-driven games like Life Is Strange or tactical challenges like Crusader Kings 2, there’s a free single-player game out there for everyone.



Single-player video games provide a wide variety of genres and experiences to suit various tastes and interests. Unlike many multiplayer titles, you don’t need a stable internet connection or a group of friends to play these story-focused masterpieces. Usually, the finest single-player titles have a hefty price attached to them. But for these games, the developers made their work absolutely free to play to promote their work or showcase their abilities.


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These free but amazing games can even rival some of the best expensive games in the market. We’ve compiled a list of such extremely well-made games just for you so that you can easily play through all of them over the weekend.

Updated on March 31, 2024, by Sanyam Jain: The number of free single-player games out there is quite finite, but there are some games that you can play for a long time due to their live-service nature. Honkai: Star Rail is one such game, and it deserves an entry on this list.

11 The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit

Similar Yet Unique

A blonde boy in sky blue and red superhero costume with a blue mask painted over his face

A free visual adventure game set in the Life Is Strange universe, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is undoubtedly an exciting game that offers a couple of hours of fulfilling gameplay. It follows the story of Chris, an Imaginative 9-year-old kid who escapes reality through his imaginary adventures.

The game has a touching storyline, and the gameplay involves fun little quests like solving basic puzzles and treasure hunts. This game acts as the perfect prologue to Life is Strange 2 (LIS2). The choices you make in it also affect some aspects of LIS2, which is really thrilling.

10 Genshin Impact

A Thrilling Tale Of Lost Siblings

Genshin Impact Battle With Unknown God With Lumine And Aether

Genshin Impact

September 28, 2020

RPG , Action , Adventure

Shooters aren’t the only games that are free and get updated regularly. Ever since its launch, Genshin Impact has taken the gaming community by storm with its beautiful open world, immersive story, and detailed combat. This game has a place for almost every kind of player since none of the gameplay is forced upon you.

If you’re a story enjoyer, you can simply continue the main missions without worrying about any side aspects. However, if you like grinding out materials and getting your favorite characters by saving your currency for them, this game is perfect for you as well.

9 Blood Spear

A Free Souls-Like Experience?

An armored warrior with a spear resting on his back gazing at the door of a giant stone castle

Blood Spear is a third-person action-adventure game where you play as a cursed spear with demonic powers to possess the bodies of dead ghosts. The game has stunning visuals and a grand environment as it is made on Unreal Engine. Its medieval fantasy theme makes it look very similar to the Dark Souls games.

In this short adventure, you will spend most of your time running around in the world, impaling your enemies with ranged spear attacks, and absorbing their blood. The gameplay is surely straightforward, but it’s fun nonetheless.

8 Honkai: Star Rail

A Turn-Based Masterpiece

Honkai Star Rail Cool Acheron With Umbrella

Honkai: Star Rail

April 26, 2023

Action RPG

While thinking about free single-player games, you might imagine multiple games that have a finite play time with a limited story, but there are a few live-service single-player games out there that can sweep you off your feet, and Honkai: Star Rail is the perfect example of that. The gacha nature of this game might put some people off.

However, it’s quite easy to beat all the content with free-to-play characters once you get used to the combat, and the story makes it quite worth it. With the recent updates, the story of the fourth world called Penacony has been revealed, and it’s by far the biggest main story the game has had.

7 Tukoni

An Adorable Masterpiece

An illustration of a cartoon stag and a giant squirrel conversing both standing on two legs

Based on the acclaimed novels by the Ukrainian author and illustrator Oksana Bula, Tukoni is an adorable point-and-click puzzle video game. In this adventure, you get to explore the beautifully hand-drawn gaming world and meet new characters while playing as Tukoni, the forest spirits.


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It has several fun puzzles to solve, and the gameplay also offers a fun crafting mechanism. Moreover, the developer has added no written dialogues in the game to offer you a relaxing game that needs minimal concentration. This soothing masterpiece can be easily completed within half an hour or so.

6 Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty

The Best Blizzard Has To Offer

Close Up of a man wearing a space helmet

StarCraft 2

July 27, 2010

Real-Time Strategy

Wings of Liberty is a real-time strategy video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Like the first game, you’re dealing with three groups: the Terra (Humans), Zerg, and Protoss, with a heavy emphasis on the Terrans. It follows Jim Raynor as he leads a rebel army against the despotic Terran Dominion.

This free title is definitely worth playing for its thrilling gameplay and mechanics. It also offers versus mode as well as a co-op option. However, its single-player campaign mode can be played completely offline.

5 Aperture Desk Job

A Short Spin-off For All Portal Fans

A one-eyed robot giving you a thumbs up

Created as a tech demo for the Steam Deck, Aperture Desk Job became much more than that for the Portal community. This action game by Valve is considered a spin-off of the Portal series, where you assume the role of a product tester aided by Grady, an artificial intelligence who makes the whole experience fun by adding his goofy commentary throughout the gameplay.

It is a short and sweet time burner that will take merely half an hour to complete and leave you with an enjoyable gaming memory.

4 Doki Doki Literature Club!

It’s Not What It Seems

Three anime girls staring at the screen

Developed by Team Salvato, Doki Doki Literature Club is a must-try psychological horror visual novel that disguises itself as an adorable dating simulator. In DDLC, you are pressured to join a club at your school, and the literature club seems to be the right choice.


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Interestingly, the club also has four adorable characters who, on the outside, seem to have very amusing and goofy personalities, but there is a lot more going on with them behind the scenes. If you are a horror fan, you should definitely give this one a try. However, it is not meant for kids or those who are easily disturbed.

3 Life Is Strange

Experience One Of The Best Adventures For Free

Two girls sitting on the hood of a red car

Life Is Strange throws you at the center of an exciting supernatural mystery drama. This third-person adventure has a unique gameplay mechanism of the butterfly effect, where your tiniest of choices can have serious consequences on the storyline of the game.

Now, that sounds like a lot of responsibility for someone who can’t even choose what kind of hairstyle they want on an RPG character creation scene. But fret not, as you can rewind time to correct your actions and change your decision. Still, be careful, as things can always get worse!

2 Helltaker

Perfect Blend Of Good Visuals, Sound, And Environment

A 2D image of a room with a suited man next to two skeleton demons

The puzzle-solving adventure game Helltaker mixes tactical gameplay with a visual novel narrative. In it, you take on the role of the Helltaker, who travels across Hell to gather a harem of demon women. The game’s attractiveness is increased by its appealing cheerful tone, stunning pixel visuals, and catchy soundtrack.

Helltaker provides you with a fun and captivating experience with its interesting gameplay and endearing characters. This short but fun game is undoubtedly one of the finest free single-player games out there.

1 Crusader Kings 2

Build, Expand, And Conquer

Two armored warriors fighting with swords and shields on top of a large map of Europe

Crusader Kings 2

February 14, 2012

History Buffs Assemble! Crusader Kings 2, a real-time strategy video game set in the medieval era, lets you direct and influence a dynasty’s course across several centuries. As a monarch, you must negotiate tricky political situations, form alliances, fight in battles, and expand your kingdom.

The intricacy of the game is found in its complex systems of succession, intrigue, and diplomacy. To protect your legacy, you must balance the demands of your citizens against your own, maintain familial ties, and make difficult decisions.


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