The Best GameCube HDMI Cables You Can Buy

Looking for the best GameCube HDMI cables to revive your classic games? Look no further!

Have you gone back to your GameCube after playing on the best PS5 games and suddenly realised that it’s an old console?

Older console graphics always seem better in our heads than they actually are; they were ace at the time, but with game visuals continually improving, we sadly forget that our favourite consoles aren’t as impressive.

The GameCube had some of my favourite games of all time. The WindWaker, Twilight Princess, Mario Party 4, Pikmin, Star Fox Advenutures…

I could list the best GameCube games for hours without getting bored, but you didn’t come here for that.

You came here to figure out how to make your GameCube look nice on a super-fancy Smart TV, and we have the answer.

Check out the three best GameCube HDMI cables on the market below and take a look at some info on how they all work at the end of the article!

NB – These adapters only work with consoles that have a digital output port on them. Check the back of your console before grabbing any of the cables below.

The E.O.N GCHD Mk-II is the best of best GameCube HDMI cables on offer.

Well, it’s more of an adapter than a cable, but you get the idea.

Unsurprisingly, the Mk-II is the updated model of the original GCHD. It’s one of the best options out there as it doesn’t require any internal modding whatsoever. Using the GameCube to do all the hard work, this adapter produces the highest and best quality signal your GC can handle and boasts tonnes of features to improve your gaming experience.

Just writing that makes me want to go out and buy another one!

What improvements are we talking about. Well, it can push PAL consoles up to 576p and NTSC to 420p. The graphics look smoother and everything flows nicely.

This beast plugs into both the digital and AV ports on the back of your console (remember, it needs an early model GameCube rather than a later one), making the most of both signals. Get digital audio or plug straight into the console’s original audio with headphones.

Users can delve deeper with a universal remote and tweak around with settings, but to be honest, it’s not necessary. Anyone looking for something to bring their old games to life with crips visuals should grab one of these immediately!

Plus, it comes in a box that looks like a GameCube!

Next up in our list of the best GameCube HDMI adapters is the Hyperkin 3-in-1 HDMI Cable!

Regular readers no doubt already know how epic Hyperkin are. They’re responsible for some of the best peripherals such as the Hyperkin Wireless N64 Remote and the Retron Jr. They bring retro gaming to the masses, making affordable technology that anyone can get their hands on.

The best bit about this cable is that it’s a 3-in-1 adapter. It also works on the best N64 games and the best SNES games too. It’s a non-stop-shop for improving graphics on three of Nintendo’s best consoles!

Like Pound, Hyperkin make cables for pretty much every console on the planet. At $29.99 (around £22), this cable isn’t going to leave you eating bread and jam until payday either. It’s capable of producing up to 720p resolution and boosts the audio of your favourite games too.

There’s always a downside in these scenarios, and unfortunately this cable doesn’t work on PAL machines.

If you’re not in a PAL region, however, then you’re laughing!

And, it doesn’t matter whether you have a newer or older GameCube as this cable plugs into the AV port rather than the digital port.

The results might not be as exciting to look at as the E.O.N GCHD Mk-II above, but Hyperkin’s cable costs a heck of a lot less and still provides a great gameplay experience.

Best GameCube HDMI cables - Kaico adapter with remote

The final entry on our list of the best GameCube HDMI cables is this Kaico Adapter With Remote, another no-nonsense upscaling solution with lots of positive reviews online.

This plug-n-play adapter from Kaico uses open-source software to provide an improved gaming experience for a very respectable price.

Made in conjunction with iKorb, this adapter works with early units boasting the digital port and allows users to control scanlines and line doubling settings via the handy remote. The settings are easy to navigate through and everything just works!

And the best bit; it works on consoles from all regions, so long as they have that all-important digital output port on the back.

The unit itself feels nice too, though be careful where you put it as it could be easy to lose if you’re a klutz like me. It’s simple to install and doesn’t take up much space either!

What Is the GameCube Display Resolution?

The GameCube has a resolution of 480i.

Notice i instead of p there. In this case, 480i provides an interlaced resolution scan of 704×480.

The GameCube was originally designed to work with SDTVs, though those lucky enough to have one of the earlier consoles with a digital output port can enjoy upgraded graphics with the cables above.

It’s worth noting that Ninty stopped putting the digital output port onto their purple powerhouses at the end of the consoles life. With the Wii in the pipeline, they probably thought that there wasn’t any point and wanted to save some cash!

Why Do I Need a GameCube HDMI?

GameCubes still look good, though they lose a lot of their oomph when plugged into a HDTV. Plugging in a HDMI cable or adapter gives gamers a better picture and a more immersive gaming experience.

Listen, if you don’t want vibrant colours and a clearer picture, then turn around and go home now.

If, however, you want the best out of your little GameCube, then this list is for you.

How Does A GameCube HDMI Cable/Adapter Work?

As we’ve mentioned above, the cables and HDMI adapters in this list need a console with a digital output port. So, if your console is missing this crucial little slot, then these options won’t work for you.

The best GameCube HDMI cables slot straight into the digital output port on the back of the console, replacing the RGB used for the SNES and the N64.

There are people out there clever enough to modify consoles with internal upscalers and other magical items, but that’s a lot of faff, and not everyone wants to be wielding a soldering iron.

All of the cables in this list are plug and play with zero nonsense. Still, you need to remember that they won’t suddenly transform your GameCube discs into 4K super discs.

How Do I Buy The Best GameCube HDMI Cables?

Results vary from cable to cable, but we’ve picked three of the best GameCube HDMI cables that we’ve come to rely on over the years.

There’s an option for everyone in the list above, from the cheap and cheerful yet still impressive to the expensive pro option.

As always, we’ve provided you with a link to grab the product we’re talking about in every section. Just click the title, picture, button, or find the name of the item in the text.

And don’t forget to double check the product in question will work in your region!

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