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The Best Healers To Use In Granblue Fantasy: Relink


  • Gran/Djeeta is the best healer in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, with powerful healing skills, defensive tools, and offensive debuffs.
  • Io, Ferry, Katalina, Rosetta, and Cagliostro are other characters that have healing skills and can provide additional buffs to the team.
  • Having a dedicated healer can be helpful in difficult fights, especially in group battles, to restore health and provide support to the team.



Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an action RPG that will put your combat skills to the test. While the story mode only has a handful of difficult battles, the optional quests only get harder as you increase your Skyfarer Rank. When you reach Proud difficulty, you’ll really need to analyze your party’s composition and individual builds.


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Having a dedicated healer can be very helpful for some of the difficult fights you’ll encounter later in the game. Luckily, there are quite a few characters in Relink that have healing skills in addition to powerful buffs for your team. Below, we’ll take a look at a few of the best characters to use as a healer.

6 Io

Io's post-mission victory pose

Healing/Support Skills

  • Healing Winds
    : Casts a circle that restores allies’ HP over time.

While Io is definitely a more damage-oriented character, she has a solid healing over time skill with Healing Winds. This skill creates an area on the ground that restores health to allies inside over time. Healing Winds may not be the most helpful for quickly restoring health from a high-damage boss attack, but it’s great for healing chip damage from smaller enemies in group battles.

Io is best used as an off-healer, and you’ll have much better success building her as a damage dealer. Still, she can be useful in full DPS-focused teams that need just a bit of healing to survive.

5 Ferry

ferry's recruitment animation pose

Healing/Support Skills

  • Benediction
    : Restores HP to Ferry and nearby allies. Grants Regen, DEF up, and ATK up to Ferry in that order based on how many pets are on the battlefield.

Similar to Io, Ferry is mainly a damage-focused character that has access to a healing skill. However, Ferry’s healing skill, Benediction, also provides her with Regen, DEF Up, and ATK Up, making it extremely useful to have around, even if you don’t need the healing component.

4 Katalina

katalina's post-mission victory pose

Healing/Support Skills

  • Heal
    : Casts a circle that restores allies’ HP. Heals more HP over a wider area while Ares is summoned.
  • Light Wall
    : Grants Invincibility to Katalina. Grants Invincibility to the entire party instead while Ares is summoned.
  • Emerald Shield
    : Grants DEF Up and Stout Heart to Katalina. Grants both buffs to the entire party instead while Ares is summoned.

Katalina is a great healer who can also provide a number of useful buffs to her allies. While her main healing skill, Heal, is about as basic as a healing skill can get, its potency and range make up for the lack of secondary buffs. Plus, Heal gets even stronger when Ares is summoned.


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Katalina’s other two buffs, Light Wall and Emerald Shield, also become much more powerful when Ares is summoned. Maintaining Ares can be difficult, especially if you’ve built Katalina as a healer, but the Azura Sword skill is great for remedying this weakness. Azure Sword instantly summons Ares for an attack while maxing out the Ares Gauge, making her much easier to maintain.

3 Rosetta

rosetta's post-mission victory pose

Healing/Support Skills

  • Mesmerize
    : Roses compel foes within range to attack them.
  • Rose Barrier
    : Creates a barrier around a rose that grants DMG Cut to allies within its radius. Effect strength is based on the rose’s level.
  • Bouquet
    : Plants the max number of roses in front of Rosetta. Existing roses are replanted and gain a level. Roses restore allies’ HP and remove all debuffs.

Rosetta is a fairly powerful healer who has access to a few unique buffs. Her main healing skill, Bouquet, also plants the maximum number of Roses in front of her while moving and leveling up other places Roses. Then, the Roses will restore health to nearby allies while removing all debuffs from them.

This alone makes Rosetta a competent healer, but with access to Mesmerize and Rose Barrier, Rosetta can also be a powerful support character as well. Mesmerize will turn her Roses into tanks capable of drawing the attention of enemies, while Rose Barrier grants all nearby allies Damage Cut, reducing the damage they take by a flat amount.

2 Cagliostro

cagliostro's post-mission victory pose

Healing/Support Skills

  • Reinforce
    : Casts a circle that restores allies’ HP.
  • Rhizomata
    : Casts a circle that rescues allies from critical condition.
  • Phantasmagoria
    : Grants Phantasmagoria to the entire party. The Phantasmagoria effect grants ATK up, DEF up, and critical hit rate up.

Cagliostro is a very powerful healer with the unique ability to rescue allies in Critical Condition. This skill, called Rhizomata, is especially useful to have against bosses that can one-shot your team, as Cagliostro can then quickly get them back up.

Cagliostro can also use Reinforce to restore a decent amount of health to nearby allies, and Phantasmagoria, which grants Attack Up, Defense Up, and critical hit rate up. This trio of buffs is extremely useful on their own and makes Cagliostro worth having around.

1 Gran/Djeeta

gran's post-mission victory pose

Healing/Support Skills

  • Panacea
    : Casts a circle that restores allies’ HP. Heals more HP based on Arts lvl.
  • Phalanx
    : Grants DMG Cut to the caster and nearby allies. Effect strength and duration are based on Arts lvl.
  • Substitute
    : Grants DEF up to the cast and takes damage in place of all allies. Effect strength is based on Arts lvl.
  • Clarity
    : Casts a circle that removes all debuffs and grants Regen to allies. Regen heals more HP based on Arts lvl.
  • Revive
    : Casts a circle that rescues allies from critical condition. Allies recover with more HP based on Arts lvl.

The best healer, by far, is Gran/Djeeta. The Captain of the Grandcypher comes packed with useful healing skills, buffs, debuffs, and damage, allowing you to mold them into whatever form you want. Panacea and Clarity are two powerful healing abilities, while Phalanx and Substitute are useful defensive tools for keeping your allies alive.

You can also swap in a few offensive debuffs like Arrow Rain or Armor Break to make the Captain even more useful when you don’t need as much survivability. If you’re looking for an all-in-one healer to carry you through the hardest quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the Captain is all that and more.


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