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The Best Legendary Fish In Stardew Valley


  • Fishing in Stardew Valley is a great way to make money and progress in the game, especially in the early stages.
  • Catching legendary fish can be extremely challenging, requiring specific conditions and fishing skill levels.
  • Each legendary fish has its own unique behavior and difficulty level, and some are locked behind quests or other requirements.



Fishing can be a relaxing way to not only pass the time but also make some money in Stardew Valley. In fact, in the early game, it is one of the best ways to start financing crop buying, setting up different buildings, even buying animals like chickens and cows. Not to mention, you can find treasure as you fish.


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But there is an extreme side of fishing with a difficulty spike that can make even the most experienced farmers hang up their fishing rod for good, and that’s catching all the legendary fish. You may want to save up some seafoam pudding for these. You’re (most likely) going to need it.

Along with the five standard legendary fish, there are also another five locked behind Mr. Qi’s Extended Family Quest. These will be included so that every legendary fish is accounted for. You know you’ve hooked a legendary fish when their little icon is wearing a hat. Cute, right?

10 The Angler

Smooth Behavior, Difficulty Level 85

The Angler Legendary Fish over a blurred background

The Angler doesn’t have the lowest difficulty level, but its smooth behavior makes it a bit easier to catch nonetheless. It also has very few requirements before you’re able to cast your line and wait for a bite.

This is a Fall fish but can be caught in any weather, and it lives to the right of the Community Center, so the best spot to stand is on the little wooden bridge that allows you to cross the river. You only need to be fishing level 3 before this fish deems you worthy and starts showing up.

The fish’s behavior refers to how it acts on the line. Smooth means just that, while Dart means the fish jumps up and down quickly and Mixed is the best of both those worlds.

9 The Mutant Carp

Dart Behavior, Difficulty Level 80

The Mutant Carp Legendary Fish over a blurred background

After you donate 60 items to Gunther at the museum, he’ll show up and give you a Rusty Key. This key is needed to unlock and access the sewers, and along with finally being able to meet Krobus, you can now start trying to catch the Mutant Carp.

Difficulty-wise, the Mutant Carp is the easiest to catch, but it’s all the extra steps that make it harder to get if you want to do so as quickly as possible. There’s no required fishing level and, since they live in the sewers, you can catch them in any season with any weather.

8 The Radioactive Carp

Dart Behavior, Difficulty Level 80

The Radioactive Carp Legendary Fish over a blurred background

The Radioactive Carp is the first fish mentioned that is locked behind Mr. Qi’s Extended Fish Family Quest that, as the name suggests, has you catching the “family” of all the five legendary fish. This angry-looking fish can be caught in the sewers too, but there’s a catch. Ha. Fish puns.


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They, like the others in the big fish family, can only be caught while the quest is active. That means you only have three days to catch them and the others, but before you sweat too much, you can do the quest again if you need to.

7 Ms. Angler

Smooth Behavior, Difficulty Level 85

Ms Angler Legendary Fish over a blurred background

Anyway, back to the Anglers, Ms. Angler is caught from the same location in Pelican Town as her standard counterpart. However, the biggest difference is that she has a limited time frame of three days while Mr. Qi’s quest is active.

The nice thing about having such a short period of time to reel in this fish is that you can attempt to catch them in any season with any weather instead of needing to wait until Fall again. Just load up your rod with bait and wait for this pink fishy to show up.

6 The Crimsonfish

Mixed Behavior, Difficulty Level 95

The Crimsonfish Legendary Fish over a blurred background

The Crimsonfish is the sweet Summer child of the group as that is the only season they’ll show up in. And what’s more on brand for them than showing up near the beach? But there’s an extra step before you can try hooking this beaut.

To the right of Elliot’s beachfront hut is a broken-down wooden bridge. 300 wood later, you can cross it and find the dock on the other side, and you have to cast your line from there in order to hook The Crimsonfish and you have to be at least fishing level five.

5 Son Of Crimsonfish

Mixed Behavior, Difficulty Level 95

Son Of Crimsonfish Legendary Fish over a blurred background

Different verse, same as the first, or so the saying goes. The Crimsonfish’s offspring has the same behavior and difficulty level, but, you guessed it, can only be dragged out of the ocean once you’ve activated the Extended Family Quest.


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Maybe the real reward was the friendships you made along the way.

Like with the others of the Extended Family, any weather, any season, but the same barrier stands in your way. You see, there’s no requirement to have caught the Crimsonfish first, or fix the broken down bridge that lets you access the dock, so if you haven’t patched it up already, bring a pocket full of wood with you.

4 The Glacierfish

Mixed Behavior, Difficulty Level 100

The Glacierfish Legendary Fish over a blurred background

If the Crimsonfish gave you a run for your money, it only escalates from here. The Mixed pattern of this fish makes it incredibly unpredictable, and it’s also just harder in general; as the name suggests, this is the Winter fish of the group of main legendaries, and they show up in any weather once you are fishing level six.

Have you met Hat Mouse yet? Well, up and to the right of their fine establishment is the little island you have to stand on to take a swing at The Glacierfish. There’s a grouping of stones at the very bottom of the island, so plant your feet there and start fishing.

3 Glacierfish Jr.

Mixed Behavior, Difficulty Level 100

Glacierfish Jr Legendary Fish over a blurred background

Yo, this totally awesome and ice-cold fish probably knows some sweet moves; if they had legs, they’d probably skate off with your girl, boy, or theyfriend. However, this spawn of The Glacierfish can only be caught while you have Mr. Qi’s quest activated.

The big difference? You have to be one fishing level higher than when you tried catching The Glacierfish. That makes them the first, and only, family member that asks that of your humble farmer.

2 The Legend

Mixed Behavior, Difficulty Level 110

The Legend Legendary Fish over a blurred background

The name of this fish is very transparent, and of the original legendary fish, this is the hardest one to catch with a jump of a full ten difficulty points. They are meant to be caught in Spring, but you can only try to catch them when it’s raining, and only when you’re level ten in your fishing skill.

That’s right, you have to master fishing in the game before you can even look at the Legend. To find them, travel to the Mountains, and there is a sunken log below the two islands in the lake, Cast your line towards the log and wait for them to show themselves.

1 The Legend II

Mixed Behavior, Difficulty Level 110

The Legend II Legendary Fish over a blurred background

Mr. ConcernedApe himself was merciful on the day that he created the Legend II, but at least he didn’t make it harder to catch this already difficult monster. Does he fear his own creation?

Like with the others, you have a limited time to catch this family member of the Legend. They can be found in the same location, the Mountain Lake, and thankfully, you don’t have to wait for it to rain like you do with the Legend.



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