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The best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs

Equipping yourself with one of the best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs allows you to take enemies down in a flash in the multiplayer game. Featuring rapid fire rates, impressive damage output, and large magazines, these slow and heavy weapons require you to tame their strong recoil.

In their most basic form, LMGs have a magazine holding between 60 to 75 rounds, so you won’t be bothered by reloading, and can simply unload those bullets into your opponent at speed. With their short-to-medium range and fast time to kill coming in most useful in smaller, more built up multiplayer maps like Farm 18 and Breenbergh Hotel, you’ll definitely want to know which are the best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs to equip.

The best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs

The best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs are:

  • 556 Icarus
  • RPK
  • HCR 56
  • Rapp H
  • Sakin MG38

556 Icarus

Of the three light machine guns available in the beta, the Icarus 556 quickly became our favourite, and is likely to remain so after launch. With a massive 75 rounds as standard alongside the best base recoil control, you won’t need to worry about your own accuracy as you shower bullets onto the enemy team.


The RAAL-MG fares pretty well against the Icarus, and depending on your personal preferences might even be interchangeable as the best of the bunch, with barely any difference between the two in terms of damage, recoil control, or handling. Where the RAAL-MG shines, though, is its considerably faster fire rate which increases its time-to-kill speed. Unfortunately, you’ll pay for it in mobility, but that shouldn’t cause you too much concern in the moments that matter.


Until we get to see which attachments the RPK has to offer, we can’t really say there’s any reason to choose it over the Icarus. Overall, its stats are pretty average in the selection of Modern Warfare 2 LMGs, struggling in mobility and fire rate, with only a slightly increased damage range.

Best Modern Warfare 2 LMGS: HCR 56 gunsmith


The HCR-56 is the first LMG on our list with a smaller magazine capacity, holding just 60 rounds – not that that’s a small amount in comparison to some of the other weapons on offer. The main thing that matters here is that the HCR-56’s base recoil control is the worst of the LMGs, so keep this in mind when adding attachments. Where it lacks in recoil control, it does make up for in handling, though, and has both a damage and fire rate to rival the others in this list.


The Rapp-H matches the Icarus at the top of this list in fire rate and damage, and has increased range for an LMG. However, it suffers in recoil control, mobility, and accuracy, so consider these stats when compiling your best Rapp-H loadout.

Sakin MG38

Finally, the Sakin MG38. This LMG actually had the largest standard mag of all the weapons on this list, but we’re not sure you necessarily need it, especially when you consider its slightly slower fire rate than most of the above. Chances are, you won’t be in combat long enough to need it.

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So now you know which of the LMGs you might want to equip, take a look at the other best Modern Warfare 2 guns on offer. And if this feels like a little too much heat for you, then perhaps you’d rather find an excellent vantage point and make the most of one of the best sniper rifles instead for a stealthier kill. In fact, why not equip one of each with one of the best Modern Warfare 2 perks, Overkill, which allows you to head into battle with two primary weapons.

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