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The Best Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

Modding is the lifeblood of most Bethesda titles. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises aren’t without their problems, but it’s thanks to the talented and passionate modding community that these games are still alive. Few modding scenes can match the quality content made for Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. Considering the game’s age, Fallout: New Vegas still sees massive overhauls and quest mods nearly every year. Some mods greatly improve the game’s performance while others add a barrage of new quests. While performance mods are fantastic, the best Fallout: New Vegas mods can make it feel like a brand-new game.



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The sheer amount of modding support this game still enjoys even now is a great indication of why so many people love Fallout: New Vegas to bits. The game was a triumph in every way, combining the best of old and new Fallout to make for a tantalizing experience that doesn’t really have an equal. While the bugs that marred this game at launch led to both fans and critics bashing the title for being rushed out the window, the steady stream of updates coupled with fan patches have made the experience more stable than ever before, letting players enjoy a masterful RPG where the possibilities are just endless!

Updated on November 12, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra: Fallout: New Vegas is an RPG that seems to attract more and more fans with each passing year. Following a disastrous launch, the game has turned its reputation around in no time at all, with many players considering this game to be the greatest entry in the Fallout series. This is no small praise, given how titles like Fallout 2 & 3 have their own fans who will defend this title to kingdom come. The locations, characters, quests, and DLCs of New Vegas are in a class of their own, and fans can optimize this experience even more by downloading a few mods that overhaul the experience considerably. From fan-made patches to full-on gameplay overhauls β€” the sheer variety of mods that New Vegas fans can enjoy is quite mind-blowing.

27 Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged

Downloads: 193,209

Downloading mods one at a time can prove to be a massive pain, even with mod collections on tools like Jabbawock making things relatively easier for players. Even then, most people need to pick and choose certain mods that are downright necessary if they want to play a game as dated as Fallout: New Vegas, which can be rather irritating after a point.

Thankfully, the modding community of New Vegas has evolved to the point where a bunch of enhancements that are balanced and bug-free can be added to this video game in one go. The Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged mod is a simple but downright mandatory collection that players should get if they want New Vegas to feel as modern and engaging as ever.

26 Fog-based Object Culling

Downloads: 136,546

Fighting enemies in Fallout New Vegas

There’s no denying that Fallout: New Vegas is a pretty old game, but this doesn’t mean that the title will run like butter on most operating systems. If players want to augment their experience with mods (and they should), then performance can take a pretty severe hit.

So, it helps to download a file that helps conserve memory and improves the performance of this game without making too many aggressive changes. This is exactly what Fog-based Object Culling strives to achieve, hiding anything in the worldspace obscured by fog so that performance is improved at little to no visual cost.

25 *Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks

Downloads: 116,940

Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks mod for Fallout New Vegas

A lot of work was put into making New Vegas look unique and visually striking, especially when it comes to the game’s interiors. However, as lighting has been perfected quite a bit in modern video games, most people won’t be able to appreciate the atmosphere conveyed by New Vegas‘ vanilla lighting that is used in its interiors.

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Spaces look too bright at times, which can make things look rather flat and uninteresting. Thankfully, with the advent of the Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks mod, players can easily turn New Vegas‘ interiors into something else entirely, retaining the vanilla artistic stylings while enhancing the mood to make for a visually rich experience in these contained environments.

24 The Living Desert

Downloads: 699,043

Player Moving Through The Mojave Wasteland From Fallout New Vegas

The Mojave is a blast to explore, with the isolating nature of some of the game’s areas adding to the overall immersion. However, there are times when players may feel that even some areas that should have people around end up being oddly barren, which can make the Mojave feel rather lifeless at times.

This is where The Living Desert mod comes into the picture. It adds several NPC patrols, events, and skirmishes in the game that make the Mojave feel more alive and engaging. Players who download this mod will be genuinely impressed by just how much life it injects into the regular exploration of this title.

23 Mojave Raiders

Downloads: 431,337

fallout nv powder ganger simple outfit

There are several raider groups present in the Mojave that players will interact with and battle against. This can make regular exploration rather interesting as players stumble upon various factions while traversing the desert, but many people feel that this system isn’t perfect.

After all, despite all raiders being different with unique traits of their own, every faction ends up wielding the same weaponry and doesn’t really seem all that different, especially when players loot them and see that almost every raider has the same items to offer. The Mojave Raiders mod strives to improve these raiders by giving them unique loot, making them more in line with the lore of each raider faction, and adding more appropriate raider encounters to make traversal more engaging in Fallout: New Vegas.

22 Just Assorted Mods

Downloads: 697,299

Image from Fallout: New Vegas showing an NPC carrying a Fatman on their back.

It’s amazing how mods do everything from overhauling the entire experience to adding small yet notable changes that improve the flow of gameplay quite a bit. Just Assorted Mods falls into the latter, adding several small yet much-needed improvements that do a great job of making Fallout: New Vegas feel more modern and engaging.

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Sprinting, bullet time, hit markers, dynamic crosshairs, weapon wheels, and loot menus are just a few of the many modern additions added by this mod. The gameplay of New Vegas is modernized quite a bit when players download this extensive and brilliant mod collection.

21 NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas

Downloads: 13,526,207

Fallout New Vegas modded textures

The textures of Fallout: New Vegas are anything but pretty to look at, so it goes without saying that a texture mod is a must to ensure that the game doesn’t look extremely dated.

The NMCs Texture Pack ends up upscaling and retouching most of the textures in New Vegas, allowing for the game to look absolutely beautiful β€” something that can prove to be a huge difference-maker in a title that is heavily showing its age.

20 Nevada Skies

Downloads: 4,606,269

Nevada Skies mod for Fallout New Vegas

The weather effects present in Fallout: New Vegas might be pretty decent in their own right, but there’s no denying the fact that there’s way more that can be added to the weather in order to make it easier on the eyes.

With the Nevada Skies mod, the weather of the Mojave Wasteland takes on a beautiful identity of its own, turning the exploration of this game into a treat pretty much every single time.

19 Fallout Character Overhaul

Downloads: 4,672,712

Fallout Character Overhaul mod for Fallout New Vegas

The characters present in Fallout: New Vegas might be memorable for many reasons, but their looks are definitely not one of the reasons why. However, with the Fallout Character Overhaul mod, this will become a thing of the past.

This mod upscales the textures of all the characters and makes them all the more pleasing to look at, which is definitely a welcome change in every sense of the word.

18 Weapon Mods Expanded β€” WMX

Downloads: 6,801,551

Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX fallout new vegas mod

Modding one’s weaponry is bound to be an addictive task to accomplish β€” something that the creator of the WMX mod has definitely realized.

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This creator also added a mod like this for Fallout 3, and the fact that this ended up inspiring the people over at Obsidian Entertainment to integrate weapon mods in their game is quite an achievement indeed. With WMX for Fallout: New Vegas, this base modding system is expanded considerably for massively entertaining results.

17 Bleed

Downloads: 181,694

bleed mod fallout new vegas

Similar to Fallout 3, New Vegas‘ weapons are not that satisfying to use since they are not particularly impactful. Even on higher difficulty levels, the base game is still pretty easy, leading to combat scenarios lacking much in the way of tension or depth.

The Bleed mod improves things by changing how damage is inflicted, presenting a more realistic experience that packs quite a punch on Very Hard or Hardcore. Although this mod doesn’t change too much on the surface, it transforms the Fallout: New Vegas experience as it forces players to carefully consider how they approach each battle.

16 Wasteland Flora And Terrain Overhaul

Downloads: 2,807,907

fallout new vegas wasteland flora mod

Fallout: New Vegas is rich with character and environmental storytelling, but the wasteland is not exactly the most varied of terrains to explore. Eventually, all the trees start to look the same, causing the game to feel rather repetitive.

This mod rectifies this by adding a whole slew of new trees and plants, spreading more than a hundred variants across the wasteland. Even if it doesn’t change the gunplay or add new story beats, this download makes the simple act of traveling through the Vegas desert more engaging.

15 World Randomizer For NV

Downloads: 10,225

World Randomizer For NV mod fallout

Even though Fallout: New Vegas has been out more than a decade by this point, the modding scene still occasionally throws out a unique surprise. World Randomizer for NV is a brilliant idea for a mod: every door within New Vegas is randomized. This makes the whole adventure unpredictable and singular since nobody will have the same exact experience.

Now, the mod was only uploaded to Nexus on November 30, 2021, so there are still a number of bugs that need to be ironed out. Nevertheless, this mod is a great option for those looking to mess around a bit in Fallout: New Vegas.

14 EVE β€” Essential Visual Enhancements

Downloads: 4,346,742

EVE mod for Fallout New Vegas

Using guns and other weapons in Fallout: New Vegas can prove to be quite a blast indeed β€” literally at times β€” but one has to admit that some of the effects attached to these guns can prove to be quite lacking indeed.

Thankfully, with the EVE mod, this worry becomes a thing of the past. All of a sudden, all the weapons of Fallout: New Vegas end up being viscerally satisfying in every way.

13 Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas

Downloads: 970,718

Fallout New Vegas Alternate Start Mod Cropped Created By Gribbleshnibit8, pintocat, and scaredwolf

Most Fallout games have a lengthy introduction before players get into the thick of exploring the wasteland. These introductions are fun during the first few playthroughs, but they get stale quickly.

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Fortunately, the “Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas” mod fixes this issue by letting players choose their character’s stats and starting gear right from the start. This allows players to roleplay characters that aren’t a Courier or, better yet, skip Goodsprings altogether and start the game where they please.

12 Weapons Of The New Millenia

Downloads: 1,306,194

Weapons Of The New Millenia fallout new vegas mod

Weapon mods are some of the most readily available for pretty much any type of RPG, and Fallout: New Vegas is no exception. Generally, a single weapon is not going to have too much of an impact on the overall experience, outside of making the campaign easier, harder, cooler, or sillier.

The Weapons of the New Millenia mod stands out due to the sheer volume of content included within it; the mod has more than 40 weapons created by Millenia. Designed to be user-friendly, the mod allows players to determine how they would like to interact with or acquire the new weapons. They can be unlocked for free, dropped from enemies, or purchased from vendors.

11 Real-Time Settler

Downloads: 297,302

Fallout New Vegas Real TIme Settler mod

“Real-Time Settlers” by arcoolka is such a fantastic addition to Fallout: New Vegas that Bethesda ripped its systems and placed them into Fallout 4. And just like Fallout 4, it just works. Players get to place a foundation near any plot of land and begin creating a house for themselves.

Alternatively, they can give the house to an inhabitant who, stop if this sounds familiar, can help harvest food or water and help raise happiness for the town and recruit new inhabitants. The inhabitants can also build houses if the player asks them to, allowing entire towns to be constructed under the player’s control. The mechanics of Fallout 4’s settlement system are so close to “Real-Time Settlers” that many will mistake this mod as a copy of Fallout 4 even though it came out in 2010. Those who loved playing the Minutemen in Fallout 4 will adore this mod.

10 Asurah Reanimation Pack

Downloads: 2,046,057

Fallout New Vegas Asurahs Reanimation Pack Mod Cropped, Weapons mod

Back when Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were released, both games were regarded as having dated animations by modern standards. Fallout 4 did a great deal to address this issue, but modders have done a fantastic job updating Fallout: New Vegas’s animations as well.

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One of the best Fallout: New Vegas mods to overhaul its gunplay is the “Asurah Reanimation Pack.” This mod overhauls nearly every weapon animation in the game ranging from firing animations to reloads. These animations are some of the best on the Nexus and make New Vegas feel much closer to a proper shooter than ever before. It even works with popular weapon mods on the Nexus with some compatibility patches.

9 Fast V.A.T.S. And Kill Camera

Downloads: 52,671

Fast V.A.T.S. And Kill Camera fallout new vegas mod

A mod that speeds up V.A.T.S.’s zoom and kill camera might not seem like it would be a game-changer, but this download has a far more significant impact than is initially apparent. Fallout: New Vegas‘s combat is clunky and, for the most part, is not considered one of the game’s brightest points.

This mod makes the gunplay a smoother experience, allowing combat scenarios to flow at a much more pleasing and natural pace than the base game.

8 New Vegas Bounties

Downloads: 1,843,089

Fallout New Vegas Bounties Cropped

Someguy’s series of quest mods are some of the best for Fallout: New Vegas. Out of all of Someguy’s quest mods, the “New Vegas Bounties” series is the best assortment of quests that fit right into New Vegas.

These mods are all about bounty hunting. Players get the choice of gunning down their targets for pay or bringing them in alive for better payment. Without spoiling it, these targets each add to an overarching narrative that is expertly done and stands alongside some of Obsidian’s best quests in the main game. Anyone who wants to turn New Vegas into more of a Western RPG should definitely give “New Vegas Bounties” a try.

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