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The Best Pals to Condense in Palworld

The Condenser is a unique structure in Palworld that lets you improve your Pals partner skills. It’s probably best not to ponder what ‘condensing’ entails. If you’re after the best Pals to condense in Palworld, here’s what you’re after

What is Condensing in Palworld?

Just so we’re all on the same page, you can condense Pals with the Pal Essence Condenser. This structure is unlocked at level 14 and allows you to increase your Pals partner skill. To use the Condenser, you’ll need duplicates of the Pal you wish to upgrade, and the amount increases with each level.

  • Level 2 – 4 duplicates
  • Level 3 – 16 duplicates
  • Level 4 – 32 duplicates
  • Level 5 (max) – 64 duplicates

You need to condense a whopping 116 duplicates to grant your chosen Pal a Level 5 skill, so I recommend treating this as a long-term goal.

The best Pals for condensing in Palworld

These Pals are in no particular order, but all offer fantastic bonuses when you invest in them. Condensing is expensive and time-consuming, so ensure your Pal has a selection of passive skills you’re happy with.

Wumpo / Wumpo Botan

Carrying capacity is always a problem in Palworld, as your pockets are never deep enough, and essential materials like Ore are hefty.

Fortunately, the Guardian of the Snowy Mountain Partner Skill really helps as it boosts your weight limit. Wumpo and Wumpo Botan are the best Pals in the game for this task. At Level 5, they increase your carry limit by a respectable 160lbs. 

Several other Pals share this Partner Skill but offer lower values. Kingpaca and Broncherry are decent alternatives, granting 140 lbs at max level. 


Screenshot: PC Invasion

Riding your Pals into battle is a fantastic concept, but you rarely deal enough damage to make it worthwhile, right? The in-game description of Chillet’s Partner Skill reads:

Wriggling Weasel – Can be ridden. Applies Dragon damage to player attacks while mounted.”

This skill sounds mediocre at best, but the developers missed something. On top of the element swap, you also gain a damage increase, and it’s a big one. At Level 5, you deal double damage! Even at Level 2, you’re treated to a 50% damage increase, which is very noticeable.

I picked Chillet because it’s a popular Pal, but other Pals that share this buff include:

  • Beakeon
  • Pyrin 
  • Pyrin Noct
  • Azurobe
  • Univolt

Mozzarina, Chikipi and Beegarde

The Best Pals to Condense in Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve dabbled in Pal breeding, you’ll know milk, eggs, and honey become precious commodities.

Mozzarina, Chikipi, and Beegarde will periodically drop these ingredients, but you can boost the amount through condensing. At max level, these Pals can drop up to 5 of each item at a time, which is a massive increase.

Sadly, upgrading doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the maximum number every time. Still, at higher levels, you’ll frequently see multiple drops at a time and have more than enough for an endless supply of cakes.

If you’ve just beaten the first Tower and are feeling a little lost, check out our guide on what to do next.

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