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The Best Personas For Each Damage Type In Persona 3 Reload


  • Some Personas excel at specific elements due to skills and defense, making them best in role.
  • Unlocking top tier Personas requires high levels and Social Link completion in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Powerful Personas like Susano-o, Asura, Mara, Surt, and more offer strong elemental coverage options.



Not every Persona is created equal. Some Personas are just better at covering certain elements than others, depending on the skills they can learn and their defensive properties, as well as what skills you can fuse on to them. In Persona 3 Reload, there are a number of Personas who can be considered the best at their specific job and elemental coverage.


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The very best of the best are, for the most part, locked to the latter portions of the game, requiring you to either be a high level, have finished certain Social Links, or both. Fortunately, by the time you reach the end game, you will have most everything you need to create some of the most powerful Personas you could think of.

10 Slash

Fool Arcana – Susano-o

Susano-o stat screen

If you are looking to do a massive amount of slashing damage, look no further than the trickster god of Japanese myth: Susano-o. This powerful Persona, which can only be fused once you max out your Fool Social Link, boasts an incredible strength stat that, when coupled with the skills he learns, can mow down enemies with ease.

Coming with the skills Brave Blade and Vorpal Blade right from the get-go means you have both single-target and multi-target options at your disposal, as he also naturally learn other great skills, like Charge, Slash Amp, and Auto-Matarukaja, which can hurt your enemies. He also learns two great defensive skills: High Counter for some physical defense and Repel Light to cover his Light weakness.

9 Strike

Sun Arcana – Asura

Asura stat screen

The multi-faced Asura, Hindu king of Asuras, will be your best bet if you want to deal Strike damage; with his very high strength stat, Asura will deal plenty of damage to enemies, even if they don’t have an innate weakness to Strike. Make sure to finish maxing your Sun Social Link with Akinari if you want to fuse this beast of a Persona.

Boasting great Strike skills in Akasha Arts and the always powerful God’s Hand, whether you are fighting a single opponent or multiple, Asura has you covered, as he also learns Strike Amp, which further increases his power. What sets him apart, though, is that Asura also learns Heat Riser and Agidyne, giving you some support skills and Fire coverage should you need it.

8 Pierce

Tower Arcana – Mara

Mara being fused

The infamous Mara comes in as the very best Persona to fuse if you want to deal a lot of Pierce damage in a short amount of time. The even better part is that Mara does not require you to finish the Tower Social Link to create it, meaning you have access to the best Pierce Persona at all times once you reach the appropriate level.


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Like the other physical Personas, Mara learns both the single-target Primal Force and the multi-target Myriad Arrows, which can hit enemies between two and five times, and it also learns Charge and Pierce Amp, which can greatly increase its damage output. Finally, Mara also learns the great defensive skill Drain Light, which not only covers up its glaring weakness to Light but also allows it to potentially heal as well.

7 Fire

Magician Arcana – Surt

Surt being fused

Moving on from physical damage and into the realm of magic, the best Persona to use for Fire damage is Surt, the fire giant of Norse mythology. While Surt may come in at level 60, a relatively lower level than other Personas that learn potent fire skills, he more than makes up for it with the sheer potency of his kit and his magic stat.

Learning Fire skills like Agidyne, Maragidyne, and later the almighty Inferno, Surt will have all your bases covered for damage options. Auto-Tarukaja and Fire Amp will also pair nicely together, making sure that you can do as much damage as you possibly can, so just make sure you finish viewing Junpei’s Link Episodes, as that is the only way you will be able to fuse Surt in a playthrough.

6 Wind

Fortune Arcana – Norn

Norn stat screen

Another member of the Norse pantheon and goddess of fate, Norn will cover all your bases when it comes to Wind elemental damage; boasting a high magic stat and good skills, she makes quick work of enemies weak to Wind and offers you plenty in the way of support skills as well. Also, no Social Links are required to fuse her, making her easy to create.

Immediately upon fusing, Norn has access to almost everything you will need to deal damage: Magarudyne, Panta Rhei, and Wind Amp, which are simple but very potent abilities. What makes Norn a cut above the rest, though, are her support skills, so Invigorate 3 will help keep your SP charged, and having both Mediarahan and Salvation makes her a pretty good healer as well.

5 Ice

Empress Arcana – Skadi

Skadi summoned in battle

Continuing our Norse theme, we have Skadi, the embodiment of winter, and the very best Ice Persona you can fuse. While her stats are more balanced between strength and magic compared to other entries, she makes up for this with incredible skills, and another point in her favor is that she does not require you to finish the Empress Social Link to fuse her.


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Learning Mabufudyne, Diamond Dust, and Ice Amp, Skadi will be dealing plenty of damage to any opponents that stand in your way, and she also learns a few other choice skills like Tetrakarn and Drain Fire, which increase her defensive abilities considerably. You are also able to cover other damage types with Vorpal Blade and Maeigaon, making her very versatile.

4 Electric

Emperor Arcana – Odin

Odin summoned in battle

Rounding out our Norse entries, we have the head of the Norse pantheon himself, Odin. Boasting an impressive magic stat, Odin can take full advantage of his Electric elemental attacks to great effect, so make sure that you finish your Emperor Social Link, however, as it is required to fuse him.

Thunder Reign and Maziodyne will be your staple attacks with Odin, being buffed tremendously by Elec Amp and Concentrate, all skills that he learns naturally. His whole niche is doing large amounts of Electric damage at a low SP cost, as he also learns Spell Master, one of the best skills in the game; it lowers the cost of all magic skills by half, making Odin a very good choice for prolonged battles.

3 Light

Aeon Arcana – Metatron

Metatron summoned in battle

When thinking about Light damage in a Persona or SMT game, Personas based on angels tend to be the first that are thought of; this remains the case as Metatron, the Angel of Contracts, is the best Persona to use when dealing Light damage. He has well-rounded stats across the board, so you have nothing to fear from using him.

Divine Judgement and Makougaon are Metatron’s best skills to use to deal Light damage right from the beginning, and Makougaon gets an increase in damage when coupled with his Light Amp skill. He also learns good defensive and support skills in Repel Elec and Salvation, making him a versatile choice; finishing Aigis’ Social Link, however, is a requirement to fuse him, so don’t forget to do that.

2 Dark

Devil Arcana – Beelzebub

Beelzebub stat screen

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub, who is the best at dealing Dark damage to your foes. With an incredibly high magic stat and good skills, he is by far the best option you have for this damage type, and finishing your Social Link with Tanaka will be a requirement to fuse him.

Much like Metatron, Beelzebub learns Maeigaon, Demonic Decree, and Dark Amp from level up; unlike Metatron, however, Beelzebub also comes with Mamudoon, giving you an instant kill option to use on enemies if you feel like ending fights just as they begin. He also learns Concentrate, which will greatly increase his damage output.

1 Almighty

Star Arcana – Helel

Helel summoned in battle

At last, we come to Almighty, the non-elemental damage type; this is the most useful damage type in the game, as it is not resisted by any enemy, and for best results, Helel, the morning star, will deliver. A very high magic stat coupled with a unique Almighty skill makes him the best Persona in the game for Almighty damage.

Helel possesses the skill Morning Star, which deals massive amounts of Almighty damage to all enemies, and its high SP cost would normally make it hard to use, but he also learns Spell Master, which cuts the cost in half. Combine that with Heat Riser and Almighty Boost and you have a Persona capable of blasting his way through anything; just be sure to finish the Star Social Link and you too can fuse this monster of a Persona.


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