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The Best Players To Buy On A Budget In Career Mode In EA Sports FC 24

Taking charge of lower-tier teams in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode is pretty fun, and guiding them to the very top gives a lot of pleasure. While performing such a rebuild, there are several things to consider, one of the most crucial being the appropriate handling of the transfer budget.




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With tight funds, it’s essential to prioritize players that offer high potential and can be acquired for a reasonable transfer fee. Fortunately, there are several hidden gems of that kind that you may end up signing for your club. In the section below, we have compiled a list of the top players that won’t break the bank and provide excellent value.

Updated on February 13, 2024, by Nishant Thakkar: There are numerous fantastic young players who you might sign on a tight budget, and this list has been expanded by a further five. You will now have more options when it comes to finding good talent at a reasonable price.

The ratings and potentials specified below are as of EA Sports FC 24’s February 2024 Squad Update

15 Noah Lahmadi

An image of Noah Lahmadi in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Toulouse
  • Age: 18
  • Potential: 82

The French leagues feature tons of incredible talents, one of which is Noah Lahmadi, an outstanding midfielder that you will find playing for Toulouse in the Career Mode. He is yet to make a breakthrough for the main side but is a regular for its reserve team and showcases a lot of promise.

Noah Lahmadi is highly versatile, and you can appropriately employ him in many positions, including CM, CAM, CDM, etc. With a rating of 65 and a potential of 82, he would be a bargain to get for a couple of millions.

14 Patrick Dorgu

An image of Patrick Dorgu in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Leece
  • Age: 18
  • Potential: 83

Finding quality defenders in the Career Mode is generally challenging, particularly at the full back positions. Patrick Dorgu is a viable player you can sign to sort out your left back woes and strengthen your backline. The Danish youngster plays for Leece and has already made a mark for the primary team of the Italian side.

In EA Sports FC 24, he features a rating of 65, and he will be able to reach the mark of 83 as the seasons pass by. You may additionally utilize Patrick Dorgu as a left midfielder, and his high attacking work rate will help.

13 Roony Bardghji

An image of Roony Bardghji in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: FC København
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 85

FC København have a gem on their hands in the form of Roony Bardghji, among the hottest prospects in world football. The Swedish international has a rating of 70 in the Career Mode and can turn out to be an extraordinary signing for the right winger position.


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Roony Bardghji is valued at €3.6 million in the initial season, and he will be available for a decent price in the first few seasons. Since his potential in EA Sports FC 24 is 85, you can fearlessly invest your money in him.

12 Lennon Miller

An image of Lennon Miller in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Motherwell
  • Age: 16
  • Potential: 86

When the budget is too limited, a player like Lennon Miller will be perfect for setting the foundations for the future. The 60-rated youngster wouldn’t cost much, and you can acquire him for just around a million. Moreover, since he plays in the Scottish league, his wage demands will be minimal.

With a potential of 86, he will eventually become the star of your team’s midfield in the coming years. Aside from his primary position, you could also employ Lennon Miller as a right midfielder, where he excels.

11 Claudio Echeverri

An image of Claudio Echeverri in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: River Plate
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 86

Claudio Echeverri is one of the most promising Argentine young talents, and he has the potential to become the next great thing to come out of the country. Seeing his massive potential, Manchester City ended up closing the deal for him to join the club.

He would be the perfect attacking midfielder for your side in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, and he will last for the entirety of the rebuild. The player essentially has a rating of 66 and can grow tremendously over the seasons to reach the potential of 86.

10 George Ilenikhena

An image of George Ilenikhena in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Antwerp
  • Age: 16
  • Potential: 87

Getting young forwards for a cheap price is kind of hard, especially at the striker position. One of the best strikers you can sign on a budget would be George Ilenikhena, and you will find the French wonderkid to be playing for Antwerp in the Belgian league.


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He possesses outstanding stats for someone his age, and you will have considerable time to develop him to his maximum potential. Looking at his numbers, he begins at a rating of 68, and has the capability to reach the mark of 87.

9 Paul Wanner

An image of Paul Wanner in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Bayern Munich (Loaned to Elversberg)
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 86

Paul Wanner is a hot prospect in the ranks of Bayern Munich, and he has been loaned out to Elversberg to gain some exposure and game time. He can be a top-quality signing to reinforce your attack, and you can primarily utilize him in the attacking midfielder position.

The German wonderkid commences the Career Mode with a rating of 65, whereas his potential in the game has been set at 86, which is quite incredible. Given that he is on loan, you will only be able to sign him starting from the second season.

8 Nelson Weiper

An image of Nelson Weiper in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: FSV Mainz 05
  • Age: 18
  • Potential: 86

Strengthening the attack in Career Mode can pay dividends, and a strong striker up top can make all the difference for your team. Nelson Weiper is an ideal choice if you wish to acquire an affordable forward of high caliber.

He has a rating of 66, and you will have to nurture him over the course of the Career Mode to allow him to reach the potential of 86. This German has all the right qualities, and his statistics in the game are pretty balanced, making him a perfect threat to the opponent’s defense.

7 Tom Bischof

An image of Tom Bischof in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Hoffenheim
  • Age: 18
  • Potential: 86

Tom Bischof was highly sought after in the Career Mode of FIFA 23, and his incredible displays in real life have enabled him to maintain the same hype in EA Sports FC 24. He is yet another German wonderkid on this list, boasting a rating of 66, alongside a potential of 86.


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Thanks to outstanding dribbling, you will be able to perform silky smooth moves and move the ball forward up the pitch. Tom Bischof also possesses tremendous passing ability, and you can play some killer through balls for your attackers.

6 Simone Pafundi

An image of Simone Pafundi in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Udinese
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 86

Simone Pafundi has been deemed to be the next Messi, considering his short stature and exceptional dribbling skills. The Italian prodigy is filled with talent and has demonstrated flashes of his potential through his remarkable outings for Udinese in Serie A.

With a great mixture of pace, dribbling and passing, you will enjoy placing Simone Pafundi in the attacking midfielder position or on the wings. EA has given him a rating of 67, whereas his potential in the Career Mode is the same as the players mentioned above, at 86.

5 Paris Brunner

An image of Paris Brunner in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Borussia Dortmund
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 87

Borussia Dortmund is a goldmine of talents, and you could buy a variety of incredible youngsters from the German club. Among the players they have is Paris Brunner, and the German footballer should be a player you should have on your shortlist inside EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode.

His rating in the first season is 65, and he can constantly develop to reach his base potential of 87. If you cannot sign him directly in the initial year, it would be an excellent idea to try a loan-to-buy deal.

4 Kobbie Mainoo

An image of Kobbie Mainoo in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Manchester United
  • Age: 18
  • Potential: 87

Kobbie Mainoo has emerged from the ranks of Manchester United, and is finally getting the well-deserved game time for the Red Devils. He even scored the injury time winner against Wolves during the 2023/2024 season, marking his arrival in the Premier League.


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The Englishman is pretty versatile, and you can make him play anywhere in the midfield based on your requirements. Nonetheless, his primary position is the CDM role. Coming to his specifics, he has a rating of 67, and his potential allows him to go up to 87.

3 Julien Duranville

An image of Julien Duranville in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Borussia Dortmund
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 87

Borussia Dortmund snagged Julien Duranville from Anderlecht in January 2023, and this is not the first time that the German club has signed a high-potential wonderkid. The Belgian talent is pacey and has top-notch dribbling capabilities, allowing you to exploit the width of the opponent’s defense.

Keeping in mind his prospects, this 66-rated player has been awarded a potential of 87, and it would be a bargain to get him. He will be amazing on the wings, allowing you to create loads of opportunities for your striker.

2 Antonio Nusa

An image of Antonio Nusa in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Club Brugge
  • Age: 18
  • Potential: 87

Antonio Nusa can officially be considered the best player to get on a budget in the Career Mode of EA Sports FC 24. There is no doubt about his quality, and he has been phenomenal for Club Brugge ever since he made his debut a couple of years back.

You should try moving in fast for Antonio Nusa, and his value will escalate immensely as you move through the seasons. Looking at his exact numbers, he comes with a good rating of 71 and a potential of 87.

1 Jorrel Hato

An image of Jorrel Hato in EA Sports FC 24

  • Team: Ajax
  • Age: 17
  • Potential: 88

Ajax is well-known across the world of football for cultivating promising young players, and their academy has been responsible for the development of some truly remarkable footballers. Jorrel Hato stands out as one of the finest talents to come out of Ajax in recent times, and the defender is a solid centre back you may sign in EA Sports FC 24.

The Dutch player essentially comes with a rating of 73 and his potential is set at 88, which would eventually make him one of the best CBs in the game. Jorrel Hato could further be used as a left back.


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