The Best PS1 HDMI Cables You Can Buy

Get ready to head into the attic and dust off those discs, as we’re about to check out the best PS1 HDMI cables on the market!

The main stumbling block that many of us face when going back to our old consoles is that they just look bad on new TVs. It’s not our console’s fault; these modern, fancy TV sets weren’t around back when they came onto the scene. They’re struggling to keep up in an ever changing world.

Aren’t we all..!

Still, all is not lost. We’ve made a list of the best PS1 HDMI cables that you can use on both PS1 and PS2 consoles to drag your favourite games into 2021.

Take a look below!

First up in this list of the best PS1 HDMI cables is the LevelHike PS1/PS2 HDMI cable, a nifty piece of kit that works on both PS2 and PS2 consoles… as the name suggests!

With 4.5 stars on Amazon and over 1K reviews, it’s certainly won over the hearts and minds of the retro gaming community!

Like the other well-known games in this list, LevelHike make super-sleek cables that put the oomph back into your dusty discs. This cable provides low latency upscaling with no lag in sight, exactly what we need!

But what about widescreen TV compatibility?

Well, the Number one cable in our list of the best PS1 HDMI cables supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It even boasts a nifty little toggle switch!

This cable converts RGB signals to digital, which means it will work with any version of the PS1 and both the fat and slim PS2 models. Plug into a PC Monitor, Projector, or any other HD screen solution!

And it comes with a 365-day warranty. What more could you possibly want!

The Best PS1 HDMI cables - Pound HD Link for PlayStation 2 box

Next up on this list of the best PS1 HDMI cables is the Pound HD Link Cable For PS1/PS2. Don’t worry; it might say PS2 on the box, but it works in our faithful grey wonder too!

Like LevelHike and the company at Number 3, Pound are a big name in the retro game scene. Their cables regular feature in gaming YouTube channels used by all our favourite retro gaming enthusiasts, and the results are great for the price.

So how does it work? Well, this Pound HD Link cable shunts the PS1’s 240p signal and the PS2’s 480i input up to 720p, making old games look clearer and more defined. Think smoother lines and less angular hair cuts.

If you like the look of this cable, then you could be enjoying vibrant textures, deeper colours, and dither-removing features in a tidy little unit. It’s powered by micro-usb too, giving your PS1 a helping hand.

It is 27 years old, after all!

And finally, we come to the last entry in our list of the best HDMI cables; the Hyperkin PS1/PS2 HDMI Cable!

Hyperkin make some of our favourite retro gaming items and peripherals. Some of you may have come across the exciting SNES handheld Hyperkin SupaBoy or the Retron Jr Game Boy cart docking console.

Well, they also make HDMI cables too, and they’re both affordable and effective!

The Hyperkin PS1/PS2 HDMI cable works on both consoles and supports 720p resolution, providing gamers with lovely audio and visuals. They’ll feel just as impressive as they first did back in 1994, although this time you can play on any HDTV or monitor with ease!

The cable is 7-feet long, making it a great choice for anyone with a fancy set up, and it ships with a 6-foot micro-USB cable which makes plugging it into power a breeze.

What Is The PS1 Display Output

The PS1 has a display output of 240p.

Back in 1994, this console was the bee’s knees. It looked better than anything that had come before and packed a real punch.

Now, in 2021, it’s all looking a bit dated. But, we can soon change that!

Why Do I Need a PS1 HDMI Cable?

No matter how much we kid ourselves, the PS1 doesn’t look anywhere near as good as we remembered now that the PS5 is doing the rounds. It’s made for 4:3 screens and looks like staring into a black hole up on a HDTV.

The best PS1 games need to be given the credit they deserve, and the best PS1 HDMI cables breathe new life into classic games!

How Do PS1 HDMI Cables Work?

PS1 HDMI cables plug straight into the back of your PS1 console, replacing the old RGB cable that shipped with the console.

It’s that simple. There’s no soldering or messing around with the PS1 innards. Just plug in and play.

The cables work with the existing output signal that the PS1 produces and upscales it, a little like when you play your favourite PS1 games on the PS2.

One thing they don’t do is turn your discs into Uber-crisp Blu-Ray copies of themselves. These cables are good, but they’re not that good!

What they do do is make games look sharper and better on modern HDTV’s, because not many of us have Sony PVMs in every room.

How Do I Buy The Best PS1 HDMI Cables?

The three cables listed in the article above are all made by brands that should be familiar to you by now. They’re trusted names and provide great results for a great price.

Simply navigate towards the title, button, pictures, or find the name of the product in the description of each cable to grab one for your set-up.

Don’t forget to double check that the item will work with your system in your region, and happy gaming!

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