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The best roguelikes to get during the Steam Endless Replayability Fest

Prove your skills with the best roguelike games at bargain prices.

If you’re looking for games that promise (nearly) boundless entertainment, don’t overlook the Steam Endless Replayability Fest, which has thousands of discounted titles offering infinite replay value.

For this Wallet-friendly article, we decided to sift through over 3,000 items available on sale to pick the best deals for roguelike games, some of which are currently at their lowest prices ever.

Although the Steam Endless Replayability Fest will conclude eventually, you still have until May 20 to make your purchases.

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What are the best Steam Endless Replayability Fest deals for roguelike games?

To kick things off, we have a pretty hot Wizard with a Gun deal; this online sandbox is available at half of its original price, meaning $12.49.

Looking for games that have never been cheaper? Steam’s Fest features plenty of them, including Spelunky 2 ($9.99), GUNHEAD ($6.99), Invisible, Inc. ($4.99), and Soulstone Survivors ($6.99). Any personal favorites?

Explore our full list of the Steam Endless Replayability Fest deals for roguelikes and make your selections before May 20!

Did you purchase anything during this sale? Feel free to discuss the offer in the comments section below!

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