The Best SNES HDMI Cables You Can Buy

Buckle up people; we’re about to go back to the gaming-future with three of the best SNES HDMI cables on the market!

That sentence made way more sense in my head than it did written down, but you get the idea.

This is a bit of a 3-for-the-price-of-1 article, as you’re about to find out. You see, the SNES AV port is the same as the N64 and the GameCube.

That’s right; some of the cables below support HDMI upscaling for all three consoles, giving more bang for your buck…

… or punch for your pound, whichever phrase applies best to your region!

Let’s dive in and check out the best SNES HDMI cables you can buy. Remember, always double check products work in your specific region before parting with your cold hard cash.

First up in our list of the best SNES HDMI cables is this Hyperkin 3-in-1 HDMI Cable, providing retro Nintendo console lovers with the ultimate HDMI solution.

Hyperkin are good like that; they give us exactly what we want at a very reasonable price, and it’s hard to argue with that logic.

Yes, as we mentioned above, the SNES, N64, and GameCube all share the same AV port. Check out this list of the best GameCube HDMI cables for consoles with digital ports.

Anyway, where was I? Hyperkin are big names in the Retro Gaming world. They’ve brought some epic gear to the scene such as the Hyperkin Ultra Retron and plenty of other exciting tech and handy HDMI cables.

This 3-in-1 adapter is a cheep and cheerful adapter that gamers can use on all three of their favourite consoles. At $29.99 (around £22) it’s highly affordable and capable of producing up to 720p resolution while improving audio quality.

Swap between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and swap between your favourite Ninty consoles. Result!

Next up on this list of the best SNES HDMI cables is this Pound HD Link Cable, a reliable second option to the Hyperkin 3-in-1 cable.

Pound are another regular name in the world of console HDMI cables. Like Hyperkin, they cover all of the major consoles from the SNES to the original XBOX.

This cable forces the SNES’ 240p output up to 720p, providing smoother visuals for modern HDTVs.

The Pound HD Link cable takes advantage of the original RGB signal produced by the SNES. It enhances existing colours and boost image signals. The results are marginal on some games, but it certainly breathes new life into all the old classics!

With dither-cancelling features and richer textures, this micro-usb powered cable is a neat option for anyone looking to get the most out of their old system.

Best SNES HDMI Cables - LevelHike HDMI cable for SNES

Last, but not least is the LevelHike 3-in-1 cable SNES/N64/GameCube cable, another of our best SNES HDMI cables that works with not one, not two, but three Nintendo consoles!

This LevelHike cable is virtually similar to the Hyperkin cable we covered at the top of this list. Gamers wielding this cable in their arsenal can plug into one of three epic Ninty consoles and make the most of low latency upscaling with ease.

This LevelHike HDMI cable supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and comes with a toggle switch. Equip longer HDMI cables and transform the S-Video signal to a digital HDMI signal perfect for modern devices.

Can you imagine playing Super Metroid on a projector in your house!

Plus, players get a free no-quibble replacement with a 365 day warranty!

What Is The SNES Display Resolution?

The SNES has a display resolution of 240p at 256×224.

That might seem a long way from 1080p or 4K, but don’t forget that the SNES came out in 1991. It’s one year younger than I am, making it 30 years old as I write this article.

Man, I’m older than the SNES… I think I need to lie down…

Why Do I Need a SNES HDMI Cable?

Playing a SNES on a HDTV is nigh on impossible. Looking at the screen feels like small pixies are picking out your eyes with tiny axes, and nobody wants that when they get home from work!

One option is to buy a Sony PVM monitor, or you can grab one of the best SNES HDMI cables listed above to see your favourite titles up on the big screen!

Because who doesn’t want to see the best SNES games in glorious detail without having to squint into a tiny screen or handheld?

How Does A SNES HDMI Cable/Adapter Work?

The best SNES HDMI cables slot straight into the AV port on the back of the Super Nintendo. The same goes for the GameCube and the N64.

That’s all there is to know!

Ok, so there’s a little bit more science behind that.

These cables manipulate the original output signal from your SNES, but they don’t transform your cartridges into super-doozy HD games. They don’t work miracles, but they do provide a better gaming experience than the original output cable that shipped with your system.

How Do I Buy The Best SNES HDMI Cables?

The cables above are pretty similar to each other, though undoubtedly people will have their own opinions as to which is the best. Perhaps you have brand loyalty to Hyperkin, or maybe your sister works for LevelHike?

All we know is that by clicking the title, picture, button, or the hyperlinked name in the text, readers can grab the cable they’re looking at from an official buying page.

Remember to always double check that the item you’re looking at will work in your gaming region. We won’t be held responsible for any sad faces come delivery day!

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