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The Best Vandal Skins In Valorant

In Valorant, there are various skin collections that make it possible for you to customize the different weapons and improve the visual experience. You can generally purchase skins via the in-game store by spending Valorant Points – known as VP – or wait for the developers to introduce the Night Market to get them at a discount.




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Vandal is one of the most potent firearms in the tactical first-person shooter, and it can take down enemies with a single shot to the head. To give your Vandal a bit of personality and replace the Default (Black) variant, you can go ahead and spend your VP on these top skins.

Updated on February 5, 2024, by Nishant Thakkar: Valorant offers a variety of Vandal skins, with new ones released on a regular basis. This list has been expanded with five more entries, covering all recent releases until January 2024.

14 Magepunk Vandal

An image of the Magepunk Vandal in Valorant

  • Collection: Magepunk EP6
  • Released: May 2023
  • Rarity: Premium

Following the two initial Magepunk bundles, a third one was released in Episode 6, bringing the much-awaited Magepunk-themed skins for the Vandal and Phantom to Valorant. This Steampunk-based collection is fairly popular within the community, with the sound effects being the main highlight.

The overall esthetics offered by the Magepunk Vandal are also pretty amazing, and you can customize the experience even further by unlocking the different colors: Green, Black/Red, and Yellow. With the collection being of the Premium rarity, you will have to end up 1775 VP inside the game to get this particular skin.

13 Sentinels of Light Vandal

An image of the Sentinels of Light Vandal in Valorant

  • Collection: Sentinels of Light
  • Released: July 2021
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Sentinels of Light Vandal is another incredible Vandal skin you will enjoy trying inside Valorant. The game’s community has a mixed preference towards this skin, with many players loving the feel it offers, whereas a set of others are not major fans.

Regardless, there are no disagreements regarding the finisher, which appears to be simply wonderful, making the satisfaction of getting the final kill a different kind of joy. It is also one of the few Vandal skins featuring a pink color, so getting this will be a great addition to any themed collection you may be creating.

12 Valiant Hero Vandal

An image of the Valiant Hero Vandal in Valorant

  • Collection: Valiant Hero
  • Released: October 2023
  • Rarity: Premium

Valiant Hero Vandal, otherwise recognized as the Monkey King Vandal, was made available to players in October 2023 as part of patch 7.09. Aside from the Vandal, the collection featured a few other excellent skins for the Ghost, Operator, Ares, and Melee.

Even though the overall looks aren’t particularly amazing, the animations of the Valiant Hero Vandal make it a decent option for the weapon in Valorant. Additionally, the sound effects are pretty solid. Accordingly, you may consider buying the Valiant Hero Vandal for a price of 1775 VP whenever it appears in your in-game store.

11 Oni Vandal

An image of the Oni Vandal in Valorant

  • Collection: Oni EP6
  • Released: March 2023
  • Rarity: Premium

Oni stands out as one of the most iconic collections in the history of Valorant, with the Phantom from the original release being among the favorites for most players. In March 2023, the legacy of Oni was continued, and Riot ended up introducing a second set of themed skins, which included the Oni Vandal.


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Aside from the default version, you can utilize Radianite points to unlock the Oni Vandal in three colors: Kumo, Hana, Tsubame. The headshot sound of this skin is particularly good, and you will love it whenever you land a one-tap on an opponent.

10 Kuronami Vandal

An image of the Kuronami Vandal in Valorant

  • Collection: Kuronami
  • Released: January 2024
  • Rarity: Exclusive

With the start of Episode 8 in Valorant, the Kuronami collection was introduced into Valorant, making it the first proper bundle to be released in 2024. The Kuronami Vandal is among the components, and it is an option you should certainly consider when looking to buy a new skin for the weapon.

Despite the fact that the color scheme of the skin isn’t exactly eye-catching, the withdrawing and inspecting animations are superb. You will have to shell out a total of 2375 VP if you are interested in purchasing the Kuronami Vandal inside the game.

9 Forsaken Vandal

An image of the Forsaken Vandal

  • Collection: Forsaken
  • Released: April 2021
  • Rarity: Premium

There is no doubt that Forsaken Vandal is one of the best skins to obtain in Valorant. Since its introduction in April 2021, this option has grown on the community because of its clean appearance, perfect headshot sound, and excellent finisher, which tops it all off.

Apart from the default skin version, there is also the Gold version, which makes it look like a skin from the Sovereign collection. The two variants are equally appealing, and you can decide which suits you best by having a crack at both.

8 Neptune Vandal

An image of the Neptune Vandal

  • Collection: Neptune
  • Released: May 2022
  • Rarity: Premium

Neptune Vandal is a solid choice for you to try out, and it was released into the popular first-person shooter with the 4.10 patch in May 2022. The specific skin comes in two variants, i.e., the default Neptune (White) and Neptune Black, with the former being generally preferred.

In spite of the fact that Neptune Vandal doesn’t have fancy animations like most other popular skins, its sound effects make it among the best. You can check it out in-game and fall in love with how good it actually sounds.

Prelude to Chaos Vandal

An image of the Prelude to Chaos Vandal

  • Collection: Prelude to Chaos
  • Released: July 2022
  • Rarity: Exclusive

As part of Valorant’s 5.0 patch in July 2022, the Prelude to Chaos collection was released, bringing skins for five different weapons. The Vandal skin from the collection was a big hit among many users, and it has now become one of the finest options for the firearm.


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This skin ticks all the boxes regarding design and overall animations, such as the firing, equipping, etc. In addition to the exceptional base version, which emerges as Purple, you have access to Prelude to Chaos Green, White, and Blue, with all variants delivering an incredible feel on the battlefield.

7 Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal

An image of the Glitchpop Vandal

  • Collection: Glitchpop 2.0
  • Released: February 2021
  • Rarity: Exclusive

After the success of the original Glitchpop skins, Riot introduced the Glitchpop 2.0 collection back in February 2021. The Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal was one of the main highlights of the collection, and it’s an incredible-looking and sounding skin that you must consider possessing in the game.

There are a total of four variants that you can equip the skin in, namely the Base, Blue, Red, and Black. You can also spend Radianite Points to unlock a special VFX, Animation, and a very attractive Finisher for the Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal.

6 Prime Vandal

An image of the Prime Vandal

  • Collection: Prime
  • Released: June 2020
  • Rarity: Premium

Prime Vandal has been around for a long time, as it was made available in Valorant back in June 2020. Four distinct variants of it are available: the base version, orange, blue, and yellow.

The fact that this skin has an aimbot has also become a running meme in the community because it feels so good in-game that it gives you extra confidence and motivation to get kills. Keeping that in mind, you may consider purchasing the Prime Vandal whenever it is made available in your store.

5 Chronovoid Vandal

An image of the Chronovoid Vandal-2

  • Collection: Chronovoid
  • Released: September 2022
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Chronovoid Vandal is undeniably a Vandal skin worth trying out within Valorant. It was launched in September 2022 and possesses a brilliant outward appearance that you will truly appreciate on the battlefield.

The dynamic animations are a standout feature of the Chronovoid skin collection. The Vandal, like all the other skins present in the set, includes a moving orb and futuristic effects that are visually pleasing while you are operating the skin. There are also no negative signs in the Chronovoid Vandal, which is why it is a no-brainer to acquire it.

4 Ion Vandal

An image of the Ion Vandal

  • Collection: Ion EP5
  • Released: October 2022
  • Rarity: Premium

Ion Phantom has been one of the most recognized skins since 2020, and its counterpart, Ion Vandal, was released in October 2022. It is part of the Ion 2.0 skin collection, which was also responsible for bringing a new Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit in the popular Ion art style.


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You will certainly enjoy using the Ion Vandal due to its traditional sound effects and visual animations. Four versions are at your disposal: White (Default), Green, Yellow, and Blue. This wasn’t the case in the original Ion series, which only came in one color, making all the skins in 2.0 pretty unique.

3 RGX 11z Pro Vandal

An image of the RGX 11z Pro Vandal

  • Collection: RGX 11z Pro
  • Released: October 2021
  • Rarity: Exclusive

RGX 11z Pro Vandal has been out since October 2021, and the unique color effects of the skins give it a better feel in Valorant. Aside from that, it has a unique kill-tracker feature that counts the number of kills, thereby rendering the skin something completely special.

The good things about RGX 11z Pro Vandal don’t stop there; it also offers four different color variants, giving you a wide range of choices. The colors provided by the developers include Green (Default), Red, Blue, and Yellow, each being extremely well-designed.

2 Reaver Vandal

An image of the Reaver Vandal

  • Collection: Reaver
  • Released: November 2020
  • Rarity: Premium

Reaver Vandal is one of the game’s classics, and it has won the hearts of most of the community. Ever since its initial release in November 2020, the skin has constantly risen in popularity and cemented its position as among the most sought-after skins of the tactical shooter.

The base version of Purple looks pretty charming, while the other three variants โ€“ Red, Black, and White are also excellent options you can equip inside the game. You might have seen many professional players repping the Reaver Vandal as well.

1 Araxys Vandal

An image of the Araxys Vandal

  • Collection: Araxys
  • Released: January 2023
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Araxys was among the latest collections of 2023, and the Vandal skin from the same caught the attention of many. Even though the skin has not been out for a long time, it has quickly outshone the other prevalent options, making it an excellent alternative for you to get your hands on.

The main highlights of the Araxys Vandal are its unique pullout and inspect animation. Apart from that, the sound effect and finisher are not too shabby and seem gorgeous. This will make killing enemies for you with the skin pretty fun.


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