The Callisto Protocol: How to Dodge

The first combat maneuver you learn in The Callisto Protocol is the dodge. Unlike the space horror game’s predecessor’s like Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 before that, The Callisto Protocol places an emphasis on melee combat. Knowing how to dodge and block enemy attacks is paramount to getting through the game without a boat load of frustration. 

Mastering the dodging and blocking mechanics will make the game, especially the trickier early hours, much easier. While The Callisto Protocol overwhelms you with tutorial tool tips, the wording of these has created uncertainty. In this guide we will explain exactly how the dodging mechanics work. You will learn how to perfectly dodge and block your opponents attacks. 

How to Perfectly Dodge and Block in The Callisto Protocol

The way dodging works in The Callisto Protocol is a little unusual. As long as you are holding the left stick to either the left or right (it doesn’t matter which initially) you will dodge any incoming move from enemies facing you. Note that you can still get hit from the back

As long as you are holding left or right when you see an incoming attack, you will dodge it perfectly.

If you hold backward, as in pulling the left stick towards you when an enemy swings at you, then you will block. Blocks do not avoid damage completely the way dodges do. Blocking will reduce a significant amount of damage, but it will also leave enemies open for counterattacks. 

The other trick to dodging in The Callisto Protocol is learning how to chain dodges together. The tutorial explains this as well, but put more simply you must dodge consecutive incoming attacks in alternating directions.

If you start by blocking to the right and the enemy immediately follows up with another swing, you will need to block left. Later in the game you will need to alternate back and forth multiple times to avoid the attacks of powerful creatures and bosses. 

That is everything there is to know about dodging in The Callisto Protocol. It will take a little while to get a hang of, but once you understand the basics those skills will get you through the rest of the game. If you need to know anything else about the game, take a look at our other The Callisto Protocol guides such as how to increase inventory space or how to get all Data Bios and Audio Logs.

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