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The Dark Ages Shield Saw Has Been Added To The 1993 Original


  • Doom: The Dark Ages’ shield saw has been recreated by modder CreeperOfSteam and used in the original games.
  • Not only can it be used to rip up enemies, but it can also be thrown and used to block bullets with some tinkering.
  • CreeperOfSteam has also gone on to recreate the gun from the trailer that shoots skull fragments at enemies.



Less than 24 hours after the official reveal of Doom: The Dark Ages, one fan managed to recreate the new chainsaw shield and use it to shred bad guys in the original games.

Xbox had a pretty decent show last week – not good enough to make you forget it shut down two of its best studios for no good reason though – in which it showed off dozens of titles coming to the system this year and beyond. One of the biggest highlights was undoubtedly the official reveal of Doom: The Dark Ages, a prequel that will go into the backstory of the Doom Slayer. He’s got a cool new cape, a weapon that grinds up skulls for ammunition, and a wicked shield that doubles as a chainsaw.

Doom Slayer’s new shield is definitely the most impressive toy in his new arsenal, and it clearly left quite a strong impression on fans. Less than 24 hours after the official Doom: The Dark Ages trailer went live, Doom modder CreeperOfSteam managed to recreate the entire thing and use it in the older games in the series, replacing the chainsaw in both the original Doom and its sequel.

Doom: The Dark Ages Shield Saw Has Been Recreated And Added To The Originals

You can see in the video that CreeperOfSteam finds the Shield Saw in the first level of Doom 2 and uses it to rip and tear into some nearby enemies. They demonstrate that the shield can be thrown to kill distant enemies, and even used to block bullets, as it appears the mod briefly puts the player into God mode. A clever workaround for sure, but that’s no surprise for a fanbase that regularly gets Doom running on everything from a potato to Persona 5.

If you want to try out CreeperOfSteam’s shield saw mod, you can find all the necessary bits here. Just be aware that it’s not exactly a straight download though, and you’ll need to do some tinkering if you want to be able to throw it as seen in the video. Not only that, but they also managed to one up themselves by also adding the weapon from the Doom: The Dark Ages trailer that shoots skulls at people. I’m convinced Doom modders could solve world hunger at this point.


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