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The Future Of SCUM – Update 1.0v Quests, Enemy NPC’s & More

Today I am back in the Scum.

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About Scum Game
The gameplay takes place in Croatia where up to 100 players per server will attempt to survive and get off the island by first removing the implant which prevents them from leaving. The player will earn fame points through participation in various action-driven events or simply by surviving in a hostile environment. These fame points allow the player to be cloned back in case of death, and used as currency to purchase or trade in various safe zones.
Players will be able to fortify existing structures and points in order to secure positions or store items when needed.
The game will offer both third and first-person perspectives, from which the player can alternate.

Video Content
0:00 Intro
0:16 I’m Sorry
01:03 Enemy NPC’s
02:16 NPC Vehicle Combat
02:49 Movement Rework
03:33 Quest System
04:33 Animals
05:08 Thank You For Watching



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23 days ago

Agree that jams could come back, I think they need to rework a few things tho, as guns used to start jamming around 80% with new bullets, that should not happen, if bullets new, a rare jam starting at 60% and increasing. Possibly, all the calculations were too much, weapon, ammo and attachments increasing chance constantly as they decay, half loaded mags with new bullets, half with Crafted or semi decayed etc.

They need to probably simplify the system to something like, anything (any part or ammo) 60% and below is first tier chance of jam (1 in 40 shots, but its a dice roll every 40 shots, So you may get unlucky with 5 jams in 40 shots or you may get thru 100 shots and never land on the unlucky dice roll)

Tier two, any component 45% and below is a 1 in 30 dice roll etc etc Just a few tiers, not constant calculations on each component, it should only take one bad component and having multiple components at 60% or below etc should not increase the jam chance. I say this only for the sake of simplicity on their side, The coders are very ambitious. But we are seeing many limitations they are hitting now in their heavily modified version of UE4 they are using.

Personally also, I wasnt a huge fan of the unjam mini game, but it was an extra attention to detail they added, which I appreciate, If they added just that you had to spam Reaload to clear it, I'd be fine with that, But yes, they need to bring some form of it back, coz you can just got to a ww2 bunker, find a Kar98 at 11% and some rusty ammo and have no hesitation using it in PVP.

23 days ago

how's situation with hackers on official server's?

23 days ago

Ok, so it indeed does look to me, like someone else said somewhere, they're turning SCUM more and more from a survival game into a shooter game with survival elements (like the complex metabolism mechanics). Which is a shame cos I really don't do shooter games. Can't stand them. Guess that means SCUM will just keep lying around in my Steam library gathering dust cos if that's where they're going with this then I'm not gonna play it anymore …

23 days ago

ooooh man i love you

23 days ago

What is the movement rework about? I can't find anything talking about this. Are they slowing it down? changing momentum?

23 days ago

What ever happened to the primal looking npcs? That whole scenario had me really excited then it just evaporated.

23 days ago

There is really no need to apologise. Really. Your health and well being comes at first. Everything else can wait.

23 days ago

These coins are old Croatian current called "kuna", our country switched to euro last year so it's like omage to our old money.

23 days ago

Bro I've always been a fan of your content. When you have time you have time. Produce stuff when you feel like it.

As for the Scum discussion it all looks fantastic in my opinion. I've been really interested in the quest system and It would be absolutely crazy if there were warring NPC factions.
Don't forget, the map is intended to be 4 times the size at release… I think the server pops should stay the same and that will increase the quality of gameplay surrounding farming, animal husbandry, hunting etc.

23 days ago

The quantity of vids might be lower, but the quality is still right up there bro.
Best of luck with your issues.
You always make me laugh, keep it up.

23 days ago

Thank you for sharing. You are on top of the scum world. Great job 👏

23 days ago

I really hope for the best when 1.0 is released, something that will balance pve and pvp so players can enjoy each style of play.

23 days ago

No need to apologize man! I'd rather you take your time and take care of yourself so you can continue to put out quality content like you always do 😊 Very excited for the NPCs!!!

23 days ago

If you do more videos, maybe i am not able to watch them all anymore. Your private life has priority, the viewers are only consumers of the videos, which you give us as a gift. Thanks for these. If the farming can be extended, maybe i will also grow pigs in the game.
I am missing the (male and female) deer, the groupes of boars, the horse, the crows and seagulls.
In the past it was possible to spawn animals from a list, and if you tried "Cow" you got a bear which gave the cow sound "Mooh".
I am not sure, if i currently still can spawn a sentry…this was also possible in the past, and by chance it was aggro directly after spawning.

23 days ago

That's all well and good but unless they fix the horde/puppets spawns, this game isn't worth it anymore.

23 days ago

Yeah it's been a harsh smart of the year for sure.
Things will get better though. You just have to keep positive <3
Speaking of, I have a whole new way covering your videos now 😀
I'll message you about it. Any way.. 1.0
They were hyping animal husbandry when Farming came to the
game. It's one of the things that made me openly critical about how
they deceptively hype things that they don't put in the game.
There is so much work that needs to be done that I honestly don't
believe Scum will be feature complete at launch. We shall see though.
As for the NPCs, they better drop everything upon death and not some
singular trash loot. They need to get back to the way things used to be
where puppets dropped everything including all clothing.
I also want a TEC1 Appearance DLC with TEC 1 gear and clothing.
I want that TEC 2 chica's outfit from the concept art.
Story wise, my character is an ex TEC 1 nurse.
Any way.. things to do things to do!
If you ever need to talk you know where to find me hahaha
On your Discord 😛

23 days ago

Don't be sorry DO BETTER

23 days ago

They add these garbage npcs and i likely wont play it anymore

23 days ago

Gotta love that the piglet, in the by scum released info clip, is bugging out xD

23 days ago

Good luck, bud. Always enjoy your videos and your personality. Just curious, and I should know this but I don't, where in the EU do you live? I cannot guess from your accent, though I have narrowed it down to 15 countries 😉

23 days ago

Now Enemy NPC's… FINALLY! This will be a great reason to start playing. Oh and quest system… something to actually do in the game.

23 days ago

About the coins – this is a replica of the Croatian Kuna and Lipa coins that was used since the independence of Croatia, but unfortunately we changed to Euro,
so this is probably dedication, or more like a memory on the currency that Croatia used.
Here you can read all about the Kuna coins

23 days ago

No need to apologize, hope things get better!

23 days ago

so many thing coming… that should have been in the game years ago lol! The gun jam was a good idea. the guns should not degrade so quickly tho, real guns dont lose 10% after 50 rounds lol

23 days ago

Looks like they are getting reafy to release v 1.0.
I hope so, cause that means that dedicated server files will become available soon.
PS Keep it up, but only till you like it 😉

23 days ago

Waiting for the gun to get to around 75% before it starting to jam wasn't too bad. I thought it got to 75% way too fast though. I very much didn't like for a gun to jam at 100% with a 100% magazine and at least 70% ammo. Raising animals. I don't know about other games but, I've been able to do it for a long time in No One Survived and it's only been in EA for around a year. It also has better building/crafting. Also a greenhouse. No weeds. The 2024 road map looks better but, No One Survived guns, vehicles, and just how the game looks isn't nearly as good as Scum imo The roadmap makes me think they're wanting to be Scum.

23 days ago

Hello there and friendly greetings!
The promises of SCUM are a lot and very interesting. Let's see what will happen after the 1.0
I am waiting for the modding thing, for some very well done AI (playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly you realize how good AI can be and how greatly the modding community can improve it. I talk from direct experience) and for some optimization here and there. Let's see.

And apart that, I wish you all the best for whatever is going on. Take good care, man. Really. A friendly pat on the back.

23 days ago

wait what?? gun jamming got removed??? why?? makes no sense

23 days ago

The devs adding base building and raiding despite promising a different experience was a major disappointment, and the trader system really made me lose interest

23 days ago

Thanks for the update Mondo. Hope everything gets better for you.

23 days ago

And I still miss it on both men and women when they have a helmet, a cap and similar things, there is no change of hair, what are those hairs there for then.

23 days ago

But I'm still missing the most important part of the car, the front armored bumper with spikes. I've been showing them since version 0.7 and they promise, but the reality is nowhere.And I still miss it on both men and women when they have a helmet, a cap and similar things, there is no change of hair, what are those hairs there for then.Otherwise, nice video.

23 days ago

I hope the game is recovering at some point. For now I don't play it anymore due to the shitty 9.5 bugs and annoyances. We'll see. Maybe next year with 1.0 there will be a playable PvE base ready.

23 days ago

tomato sandwich season is right around the next corner
hang in there, man !

23 days ago

You the man GC

23 days ago

S&T's… Oh and i miss the "hell>Rider" stuff