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The Game Awards 2023: Live Nomination Announcement

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Join Geoff Keighley from the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, as he announces your nominees for The Game Awards 2023 in more than 30 categories, including Game of the Year.

The Game Awards streams live in 4K on Thursday, December 7 at 4:30p PT / 7:30p ET / 12:30a GMT.

0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – Performance
1:23 – Ongoing Game
1:34 – Multiplayer
1:48 – Art Direction
2:01 – Score & Music
2:23 – Audio Design
2:42 – Adaptation
2:56 – Narrative
3:16 – Games for Impact
3:29 – Indie
3:40 – Mobile
4:01 – Community Support
4:26 – Debut Indie
4:36 – VR/AR
4:50 – Content Creator
5:06 – Most Anticipated
5:19 – Action/Adventure
5:33 – RPG
5:46 – Fighting
6:01 – Action
6:24 – Accessibility
6:40 – Family
6:53 – Sim/Strategy
7:08 – Sports/Racing
7:29 – Esports Game
7:40 – Esports Athlete
7:52 – Esports Team
8:08 – Esports Coach
8:16 – Esports Event
8:49 – Game Direction
9:15 – Game of The Year

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14 days ago

Just noticed Hi-Fi RUSH was missing from the Best Audio Design award

14 days ago

no.1 bill clinton kid on stage
no.2 GTA 6 fan rush on stage at the opening night
no.3 angry spiderman 2 fanboys getting outraged

14 days ago

its fricking rigged

14 days ago
14 days ago

rip pizza tower

14 days ago

I know this video is old, and I saw the results today, and I'm glad BG3 won all those prizes.
But still, something is bothering me. Idriss Elba was nominated for the best performance for Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, and he is a very good actor, but I think this nomination was only due to his fame, because clearly, for Phantom Liberty, it should have been Minji Chang.

14 days ago

The Game Awards 2023 is by far the most lackluster and awful so far.
Here's why:

1. The show is obviously been rigged

It's only natural for them to do so because if they hadn't Baldur's Gate 3 would have won most, if not all, the awards. But nevertheless, it would have been funny, epic, and entertaining as hell. Besides Larian deserves it.


I know that it's necessary to keep it a tight schedule but at least they could've given some leeway especially during very passionate dedications. THE MUSIC PROMPT FOR CUT-OFF WHEN SVEN WAS TALKING ABOUT DEVS WHO DIED BEFORE BG3 LAUNCH WAS ABHORRENT.

3. The cringefest

First, the hosts' god-awful jokes (and they say they want to save time) although some of it were funny they could've cut back.

The band performance of Alan Wake 2, obvious lip-sync, weird dance, and I could feel the gay energy all the way here in SEA, I'm not a homophobe at all but holy hell, people actually want a performance relating to games not a freaking weird and uncomfortable gay dance. If we wanted a gay performance we'd go to a gay bar or what have you.

4. Meh medley

The orchestra was EXCELLENT of course, but the medley itself lacked "impact", for a lack of better term, I was disappointed with the flow of the music and the order of the games as well as the chosen music OST's. I was anticipating BG3's main theme or the Legacy of Bhaal to just go bangin' but nope they went with a dull version of Down by the River. But then I still had my hopes up for Spiderman aaaand.. nope, nope still boring.
But hey, at least flute guy was having a great time so all's good.

That's about it

What are your guys thoughts?

14 days ago

Absolutely amazing show! See you next year Jeff!

14 days ago

Pizza Tower….

14 days ago

Baldurs gate 3 is just a cheap rip off from the Diablo series a copy cat Diablo is even better series the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom is a better game and better long time running series where baldurs gate 3 or what ever it’s name is ITS. JUST A RIPOFF OF DIABLO SERIES and the baldurs gate 3 series. Should have been made all three of there games are copy cats of Diablo

14 days ago

no lies of p?

14 days ago

I wish Octopath Traveler 2, Trails into Reverie, Nayuta Boundless Trails, or Eternights should be on the list as best RPG in GOTY 2023.

14 days ago

We'll get em next year and for best horror game

14 days ago

I am amazed at HSR to be amongst the nominated list as its only been 9 month from released with stories way to go and not much character pool yet.

14 days ago

Congrats honkai: star rail and Genshin impact! I was playing those games ever since they were released!

14 days ago

The fact that Lies of P wasn't even nominated for game of the year is peak absurdity.
You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

14 days ago

My heart goes to Mario Wonder or Tears of the Kingdom or Pikmin 4 winning it’s respective categories. I hope Mario Wonder is game of the year.

14 days ago

I hope the Sonic 3 trailer comes out

14 days ago

Well i was hopimg to see ff16 pn goty bit oh well still a masterpiece to me alan wake 2 is goated tho

14 days ago

havent heard about 75% of these games

14 days ago

oh shoot it was live mmm wow. also wow man YESSSSSSSIR.

14 days ago

No hogwarts legacy?

14 days ago

Considering how many articles there are claiming that Baldur's Gate 3 sets too high of a standard for video game companies to meet (which is BS), it's honestly clear to me which game deserves GotY. If a game has studios panicking because it's too good, it's GotY. Period.

14 days ago

Where is Hogwarts Legacy????

14 days ago

Hot take remake games shouldn't be nominated for Goty

14 days ago

terrible year for gaming

14 days ago


14 days ago

It felt like the list was repeating the whole time.

14 days ago

No LOTF/Diablo 4 or Lies of P for GOTY 😵what a thievery… even Blasphemous 2 was great this year and no mention 😵‍💫

14 days ago

Where's Hogwards Legacy?

14 days ago

Include Hogwart's Legacy or BOYCOTT.

14 days ago

12:30 in the morning, oh god

14 days ago

Time almost come once again Geoff Keighley the legend who hosts the Video Game stuff, may be a tough crowd but still, perfect to organise the video games and all the awards, hopes super mario RPG to win an award cuz that game is really fantastic.

14 days ago

Resident Evil loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool………………..

14 days ago

Honestly, bit sad that there isn’t any like visual novel game category, didn’t Fear and Hunger: Termina and Slay the Princess come out this year?…
oh yeah and the coffin of Andy and Leyley

14 days ago

Baldur gate 3 is really a masterpiece and I hope it wins the goty award.

14 days ago

I'm kinda confused is the fighting game players aren't considered in best eSports athletes or what?

14 days ago

Bg3 ❤

14 days ago

Alan wake 2 ftw!!!

14 days ago

I only came to see if Resident Evil 4 would be nominated for GOTY and to see how many remakes made it. Hogwarts got dubbed on all categories 😂 Alan Wake ll cut throat on every game. It just came out and is in damn near every category more than FF16 🤯