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The Inquisitor is out now! Enjoy the story-driven adventure game on Steam, Xbox, & PlayStation

Find out all the details about the game and where you can get The Inquisitor on sale.

If you’re into medieval settings, the new release from The Dust might be right up your alley. This story-driven adventure takes inspiration from Jacek Piekara’s bestselling book series, following Mordimer Madderdin as he tackles a murder mystery that leads to a larger conspiracy. If you want more details about the game, including editions, pricing, and where to find The Inquisitor on sale, keep reading.

Are there any The Inquisitor reviews?

Fortunately, the first Inquisitor reviews are in, so we can give you a quick overview. Overall, the opinions are mixed. Reviewers praise the compelling world and story, as well as the ambitious nature of the project. However, due to the low budget, the gameplay falls short of expectations. In addition, there are reported bugs and technical issues that detract from the overall experience.

In this case, you may want to explore our collection of the best third-person action games for some compelling alternatives.

What is The Inquisitor price?

Moving on, let’s examine the game’s pricing. Without any discounts, The Inquisitor price is $39.99. Of course, you’d probably want to get it for less. Thanks to our widgets, you can quickly discover all the bargains. While the options may seem limited at the moment, do not worry; given its recent launch, more offers are likely to appear soon.

For those interested in the PC version, you might be looking for The Inquisitor Steam key. The best deals are listed below.

For the PS5 edition, the game is available only on PS Store. Check out the details below.

For those with Microsoft consoles, the game is also offered through official distribution.ย 

What’s included in The Inquisitor Deluxe Edition?

If you’re willing to splurge more, consider choosing the Deluxe Edition. Its content includes:

  • Base Game
  • Digital Compendium
  • Grandmaster’s Attire

If The Inquisitor price doesn’t fit your budget, set up a price alert. Click on any of the widgets above and customize your criteria. This ensures you won’t have to scour through all the offers; you’ll be notified when a better deal pops up.

Is The Inquisitor on Game Pass?

Sadly, you won’t be able to play The Inquisitor on Game Pass, at least not at launch. There’s no information on its availability on the service at all. For a list of all upcoming additions, check out our list of all games coming to Game Pass.

Is The Inquisitor Steam Deck verified?

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether The Inquisitor is Steam Deck verified or not. We’ll have to wait for the official confirmation on the game’s Steam page to know for sure.

Are you planning to buy the game now or get The Inquisitor on sale? If you already bought it, which platform did you choose? Did you manage to snag The Inquisitor Steam key? Share your thoughts with us!

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