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The iPhone 12 Mini Will Charge Slower Than Other iPhones

As Apple’s new lineup of iPhones reach store shelves, charge speed details are revealed, and the iPhone 12 Mini might not be able to keep up.

An annual event that gets circled on the calendars of Apple fans everywhere is the iPhone reveal. It also seems that each year the production behind the reveal gets more slick. This year’s iPhone 12 lineup includes the 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and the 12 Mini. It’s that last one that has garnered attention for being the most affordable, and the smallest 5G phone in the world. Now details are emerging about how quickly the iPhone 12 Mini charges compared to its fellow iPhone 12 models.

Charging time is an important feature of any new phone. Customers want to be back on their device as quickly as possible, especially when that device is used for high drain apps like mobile games. Folks still playing the wildly popular Pokemon GO can usually expect the game to drain their battery at a rapid clip.

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When it comes to this latest crop of iPhones, the Mini had to sacrifice a little to come in at that lower price point. While all other models of the 12 can charge at speeds up to 15W on the new MagSafe charger, the iPhone 12 Mini can only charge at 12W. This is still faster than what users can expect when using other wireless chargers, where a rate of 7.5W is more common. Charging these new iPhones has been a hot button issue since the reveal, as no iPhone 12 models will come with a power adapter. The company assumes that most users already have one lying around.

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For users new to the iPhone ecosystem, the lack of a charging cable will mean that purchasing a charger will be a necessary additional purchase. While the MagSafe charger will be fairly fast charging, with its 12W-15W speed, that initial extra cost will mean less money to sink into gacha rolls in Genshin Impact. The mobile version of Genshin Impact made bank in the month of October and continues to be the biggest thing going at the moment.

With the mobile gaming market proving to be so lucrative, it should come as no surprise that Activision Blizzard is eyeing mobile platforms for all its franchises. As mobile games become larger in scope, like Genshin Impact, they tax more battery from a user’s device. Having a quick recharge time becomes key.

Any model in the new iPhone 12 lineup will certainly do the trick for most any game, but if charging time is a deciding factor, the Mini will take a little longer for gamers to get back in the action.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Mini open on November 6th.

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