The Maw – 2nd April-6th April

New week, new PC games! It’s another mercifully brief four day week in the UK due to reasons of religion, so let’s roll with an appropriately snappy intro that avoids any extended digressionary preambles about, oh, I don’t know, magpies fighting outside my flat this morning. Did you know that European magpies are great mimics? Second only to the Northern Mockingbird, apparently, though many ornithologists contend that the Brown Thrasher is sorely overlooked. You certainly hear their vocal range when they squabble – I reckon somebody should train up a ChatGPT AI on their calls and no, stop it, I’m doing an anecdote!

Those new PC game releases, without any further ado about birds: Minish Cap-esque shmup Minishoot Adventures (2nd April); Cuban fantasy metroidvania Saviorless (2nd April); culinary defence game Kitchen Crisis (3rd April); Dorfromantikal world builder Planetiles (3rd April); rhythmic robo-dystopian roguelike Beat Slayer (4th April); 90s biker’s delight BMX Streets (5th April).

As ever, this is an incomplete list of new games, and you can – read: should – proceed to the comments to complain loudly about any important releases we’ve left out because we have all the taste and insight of, oh, let’s say an Australian parakeet (10th on the much-cited BirdNature list of the best bird mimics). Also as ever, you can keep track of our efforts to Report The News in the Maw liveblog below – the Maw being an abhorrent, extra-dimensional gobbler of stories and secrets that we strive eternally to satisfy with regular morsels of freshly-baked journalism. Try not to let that prospect worry you too much. Have a good week!

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