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The Modern Warfare 3 April Fool’s Update, Trailer, Rewards & Advanced Warfare Jetpacks… (NEW EVENT)

The Modern Warfare 3 April Fool’s Update, Trailer, Rewards & Advanced Warfare Jetpacks… (NEW EVENT)

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0:00 – Introduction
0:52 – NEW Preview of Season 3 Maps
1:54 – Trailer Tease For Blackcell Season 3
3:10 – April Fools LTM Live For Today!
4:13 – Advanced Warfare Jetpacks Coming?
5:06 – They Released This a Bit Late..
5:35 – Battle For Hollow Earth XP Event
6:05 – Blaze Up Event & Reward
6:59 – High Trip Warzone Event
7:36 – Vortex Vi.Rus Mid Season Event
8:06 – Exclusive Event Rewards in Season 3
9:02 – Closing Statements

#CallofDuty #ModernWarfareIII #Activision

💣 ~dkdynamite~ 💣


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20 days ago

@DKdynamite is the totally advanced resurgence only for today

20 days ago

can they please do black yellow red ??

20 days ago

Lmao blackcell snoop dog turning into a dog skin and another dog in the tier 100? This furry trash is getting out of hand. They need to stop hiring people based off DEI. 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤡

20 days ago

Now the cheaters got super powers 😂

20 days ago

The Totally Advanced Resurgence playlist is NOT a hint and preview of boost jumping and dodging with exos from Advanced Warfare coming as a playlist in season 3 because the jump height is TOO HIGH, jumping as high as the zombies in Zombie Royale

20 days ago

They fixed the anti cheat today

20 days ago

I hope we get ww2 weapons from Vanguard or cod ww2 so we will have modern weapons, futuristic weapons & classic old weapons.

20 days ago

Idc that gold condemned ghost skin looks sick af💯🔥💪🏻👻

20 days ago

spend $80 yall to get you a melee weapon! im so excited for Activision to screw us

20 days ago

The shamrock bundle was in the store

20 days ago


20 days ago

The only April fools joke that isn’t just a day is this game.

20 days ago

Did they forget advance warfare was the worst selling cod of all time. 😢😢😢😢😢.

20 days ago

This mode make me think of exo skeleton from advance warfare.

20 days ago

Season 3 is already gonna be gay.
Can’t believe it’s gonna be tied into Advance Warfare. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

20 days ago

How dare you compare this shity LTM to the AW movement

20 days ago

The infamous Ripper SMG from COD Ghosts also known as the RPR EVO in Infinite Warfare will return as an AMP for the BP50 in Season 3 they are finally adding some unique weapons into the game… I still want the KAC chainsaw LMG in the Game!!! Kinda look forward to it!!!

20 days ago

What is the game mode on background

20 days ago

Just drop Cheech and Chong already

20 days ago

Malevelon Creek is ours!

20 days ago

I wish they would just update DMZ , I would actually pay just for that

20 days ago

I wish they would give us Prop Hunt…

20 days ago

Why can't Warzone mobile just let me log in with Xbox login. Would save me the problem of my activision account being hacked and despite numerus attempts at emails activision doing nothing

20 days ago

Activision:We removed sbmm

Activision: April fools we love making you suffer😘

20 days ago

Been awhile I watched your channel, always a pleasure seeing you post a new video and seeing you grow <3

20 days ago

AHH I CAN BE FIRST FOR ONCE lmao love ya keep uo the great work

20 days ago

3rd like, 2nd comment!❤

20 days ago


20 days ago

I didn't notice anything different today…

20 days ago

First like and First comment 🤣❤