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The Most Broken Netrunner Build In Cyberpunk 2077 (Showcase) “Phantom Liberty” – Max Tac Destroyed


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13 days ago

Build – 0:01
Max Tac Fight 1 – 1:35
Max Tac Fight 2 – 2:46
Max Tac Fight 3 – 4:00

13 days ago

How to get iconic quickhacks?

13 days ago

is it even good for main story and bosses or nah

13 days ago

How to spend attribute points as leveling up ? Im confused

13 days ago

My first couple of playthroughs i did netrunner builds, then something snapped in my brain and i was like enough is enough and went full annihilation and coldblood and body and reflex. Got a build that has similar max tac death timing, immediately after they drop they get massacred. It also utilizes the Ba Xing Chong and a sandevistan so it one shots incomming vehicles before enemies even get out with explosions going off everywhere like the 4th corporate war. Truly Adam Smasher 2.0. No more hacking like a wuss. Cool vid though.

13 days ago

How do you have that much cyberware capacity?

13 days ago

Ppl still play this?

13 days ago

Wow we actually use almost the same build, but instead of wire I use gorilla arms and blunt perks

13 days ago

Why not using canto with blackwall? I want to try netrunner on next playthrough

13 days ago

Fire build can u make a new samurai netrunner build

13 days ago

never stop uploading

13 days ago

i forgot that monowire also get buffed by this cyberdeck o_o

13 days ago

Quite happy with my build too hehe! Taking down a Maxtac Squad in around 15 to 20 seconds now!
By your side as a Maxtac hunter now 😏

13 days ago

I can't decide which is the best build and I have to delete my saved files and it's boring. Which one would I be able to play permanently? I want corpo, streetkid, nomad, builds.

13 days ago

great build thx

13 days ago

I'm not sure all the members of the first MaxTac squad even got both feet on the ground before they were all dead, LOL