The PlayStation 5 Heatsink Patent Unveiled 

When it comes to the PlayStation 5 there’s a ton of information we’re left waiting on Sony to make an official announcement on. Both Microsoft and Sony have slated that their next-generation video game console platforms will be released during the holiday season. For the PlayStation 5, we’re still left waiting to see what the actual console design will look like when it hits the marketplace. Despite this, we now know a bit more information regarding the console thanks to a patent for the heatsink.

It’s not much information to go off on but we know that the heatsink will be placed under the circuit board where the console will be able to take heat from the console underneath the case. As a result, we may see the console stand up vertically much like the Xbox Series X. Of course, that is purely speculative on our part. 

“A heatsink is disposed on a lower surface of a circuit board. The circuit board has through holes that penetrate the circuit board in an area where an integrated circuit apparatus is disposed of. Heat conduction paths are provided in through holes. The heat conduction paths connect the integrated circuit apparatus and the heatsink. This structure allows for disposition of a component different from the heatsink on the same side as the integrated circuit apparatus, thus ensuring a higher degree of freedom in a component layout.” 

This is at least something news to look at while we wait for an official event held to showcase the PlayStation 5. We already know that there are several features that have yet to be leaked for the PlayStation 5 according to a former engineer for the console. Likewise, we eager to see what video game titles are coming out in the near future for the platform.

Source: USPTO 


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