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The Pokemon Company Drops Fun Battle Video Featuring Ceruledge vs. Dragapult!

One of the things that The Pokemon Company should be praised for with how it’s handled its franchise is that they’re never afraid to try new things to get attention for its property. One of the best examples of this happens to be with its animated series and shorts. They’ve hired multiple companies, including legendary anime studios, to create special visions of their world so fans could feel “even closer” to it. Today, the company decided to do that once again, as they made “Pokemon Ceruledge: Rumble in the Ruins,” a short video that features the fan-favorite Pokemon going up against a Dragapult!

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You’ll immediately notice in the video below that the whole thing is rendered in a nice 3D style. It’s one that feels different from the video games yet still maintains the style that many would expect in certain ways. The animation team did an incredible job here of rendering the fight between Ceruledge and Dragapult, with each side showing off their skills while highlighting the strategy within Pokemon battles. There are also Easter Eggs in the video, such as with an appearance by a Gimmeghoul!

You can check out the whole fight below:

This isn’t the only thing that The Pokemon Company has done recently, as they’ve also been dropping special pieces of art highlighting key moments from the franchise’s history. Also, certain Twitter posts seem to indicate that a remaster/remake of Gen V is in the works, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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Going back to Ceruledge, not only did they make a video showcasing the character, but they also made a special webpage for the Pokemon, highlighting all the ways that you can get them! From video games to the card game and beyond, there are plenty of chances to see and use Ceruledge if you’re a fan.

What might get fans the most excited, though, is if the company decides to do more videos of this style. While this one was only about a minute long, it was high quality and something that could spark other “shorts” featuring different Pokemon across the nine regions.

Plus, they could always ask fans what “competitions” they would want to see and could get some big interactions as a result. We know that they will keep cranking out anime of their franchise, with one of them already out in Japan and getting ready to be localized in the West in a few weeks. But could this be the next animation hit for them? We’ll find out!

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